Find the list of supported languages and how the localization is handled

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced is translated in various languages to provide an understandable user interface and user experience.

By default, the Virtual Try-On Advanced automatically selects the appropriate localization based on the browser's preferred language settings.

However, it is possible for the integration to force a language in the initialisation parameters (see the API Reference > Instantiation parameters).

Here are the currently supported languages:

Language Localization identifier Disclaimer & Legal texts General UI Modules UI
English en
French fr
German de
Dutch nl
Portuguese pt
Spanish es
Italian it
Danish da
Finnish fi
Norwegian no
Slovak sk
Czech cs
Polish pl
Romanian ro
Greek el
Hungarian hu
Croatian hr
Slovene sl
Ukranian uk
Russian ru
Bulgarian bg
Japanese jp
Korean kr
Chinese (simplified) zh
Chinese (simplified) zh-cn
Taiwanese (traditional) zh-tw
Hong Kong (traditional) zh-hk