[Starter kit for integrators] What should I know before getting started?

Here are all the basics you need to know to integrate PD Measurement smoothly.

All the links are redirections to more in-depth articles. Most of them include code-pen sections for time-saving purposes.

Feel free to take them as examples but keep in mind they are only meant to highlight the articles: we encourage you to customize the experience.

PD Measurement is an API product: all CSS-JS-HTML code is customizable and up to you to implement as you see fit.

Integration type

There are 2 ways to implement PD Measurement:

Thoses two ways are the same API product PD Measurement, only the way you will integrate generate thoses 2 types of implementation.

Integration options 

When calling API product PD Measurement; you have choice to apply options or let it with default options

To find all parameters available to set : please visit the standard documentation for integrators.

In this page you will find fisrt the basics to let defaults options;
then a table listing all parameters in the options section a table.

To go further

Here are all the other useful articles to help you implement PD Measurement:

For more specific instructions, please visit the Integration section of our knowledge base.


Technical Support 

If you have an issue our knowledge base doesn't cover, please contact our Customer support service by email at sales-cs@fittingbox.com.