Required inputs when placing a "Standard from Photo" order

The required inputs are a CSV and 3 photos. Please find the details of each input below.

CSV to upload

To complete the ordering process, you must load a CSV file with specific information onto the platform. You can download a CSV template directly from the platform.

Here is a description of how to fill in this template to ensure the validation of the order. The platform will also guide you by highlighting the missing mandatory information. 


Here is an example of a complete CSV file.

In the template, there is mandatory and optional information. Download the template directly from the platform or here: 

- European CSV template (semicolon (;) delimeter)

- International CSV template (comma (,) delimeter)

What is the mandatory information?

  • #UPC or #EAN or #GTIN: give us only one of those 3. It is the unique worldwide code for a frame.
  • SKU Number: it is your unique reference for each frame. You will use it to call the frames from our database on your modules.

Only one of the two fields is mandatory but you can also add both if you have them.

  • Brand name: brand of the frame
  • Frame model name: the frame model
  • Frame color code: color code of the frame. The color code can be an HTML code but also the name of the color (ex: pink or #fd6c9e)
  • Glasses type: S or O. There are 2 glasses types available: Sunglasses/Optical. Please add S for Sunglasses and O for Optical into the CSV.
  • Gender: F or M or U. There are 3 types of gender available: F for women, M for men, and U for unisex.
  • Lenses size (in mm): width of a lens
  • Bridge size (in mm): width between lenses
  • Temple length (in mm): width of a temple
  • Caliper (in mm): The longest viewable distance across the front of the frame when viewing the front of the frame. It is measured in millimeters.

What is the optional information?


  • Lens logo: Y (yes) or N (no). For example, if you don't want to add the logo on your solar glasses, please fill in N to this field.
  • Lens reference: name of the lens reference on your catalog. That information will help our team to add the correct color to the lens of the frame (based on your catalog) to provide the expected result.

  • Comments: add any comment that could help Fittingbox: it can be technical information for example.

Why has my EAN been automatically turned into 0?


Warning: Excel is a spreadsheet program, designed to automatically detect and format data. During this process, the EAN can be turned into 0. Excel can make mistakes when translating your data. Before saving your Excel as a CSV, please follow this guideline.

How to avoid this potential problem?

To avoid any EAN being turned into a scientific notation (exponent), please follow the following steps each time you open the CSV with Excel and update/save information.

Follow these steps before saving the update on the CSV.

  • Select the impacted lines
  • Click right
  • Click on "Format Cells"
  • Select "Custom"
  • Select 0
  • Click on OK

Once validated, the exponent will disappear and the value will appear correctly after saving the document.

WARNING: This action needs to be done each time you are opening the updated document, and before saving.

Upload Photos

This section allows you to add the second input of your order—photos for each item in the CSV. You'll need at least three photos of each item from different angles, but feel free to include more if you want.


To upload your photos, you can either drag and drop files/folder or use the file explorer to bring in whole folders.

  • If you're dragging and dropping, place in a folder with the right names and structure, or individual photos named with SKU_n or EAN_n.
  • For file explorer uploads, keep the same naming and structure rules in mind. Remember, you can only pick one folder at a time, but you can keep adding more after each import.

Your photos should be in .jpg, .png, or .jpeg format to be supported. 

Naming conventions

  • Create a Batch Folder for your order:- Create a folder named "Batch Folder" for your order
  • SKU Subfolder Naming:- Within "Batch Folder", create subfolders for each item using their SKU
  • Photo Naming:
    • In each SKU subfolder, name photos as follow•
      • Front view (Mandatory): SKU_1.jpg
      • Left temple view (Mandatory): SKU_2.jpg
      • Right temple view (Mandatory): SKU_3.jpg
      • Additional views (Optional): SKU_n.jpg
  • Ensure correct numbering: Front view(_1), Left temple view(_2), Right temple view(_3).

You can submit the photos when at least one mandatory photo is imported. However errors of missing required photos will be detected and you can to correct them to be able to submit the order.

How to correct items with errors