Best practices of virtual try-on for eyewear website

Virtual Try-On | Best Practices

Adding a virtual try-on feature to your eyewear e-commerce website
is an effective conversion lever. To optimize the results of your
of your new tool, there are a few best practices to follow.

This guide will give you the keys to offer the best virtual fitting experience
and experience and get the most out of it.

Put forward your virtual try-on to make the user's journey easier

In e-commerce, the structure of your catalog pages and product pages is essential. To create engagement and
offer the best user experience possible, each element must be visible and placed at a relevant spot.

A dedicated catalog page to your virtual try-on feature

To simplify the navigation and reduce the efforts of your customers, the creation of a dedicated "virtual fitting" page is an asset.
On this page, you can display the catalog of all your 3D digitized frames and available with virtual try-on.

A precious time saver for your customers who want to try on your products online. This page will also be a marketing lever to distinguish your business from competitors and gain visibility on search engines.


Catalog page: the storefront of your eyewear collections

On your catalog page, you can quickly showcase your best-sellers and your latest frames.

Offer your customers the possibility to try them on directly with one click in order to provide a smoother path of purchase.
For more engagement, you can associate a "wishlist" or "add to cart" button to encourage customer action.


Product page: time to add to cart

On your product pages, users like to see a pair of glasses from different angles. Adding product images in high definition with different views (front, side, quarter...) and contextual product photos of your glasses can trigger the buying decision.

By adding a virtual try-on button (either on the product image area or just below the 'add to cart' buttons), you add a possibility for users to experience the glasses directly on their face.

After seeing your frame in pictures and trying it on online, the disincentives to purchase are greatly reduced
Detailed descriptions of your frames (materials, sizes, and other specifics) also help to reassure shoppers before they order.


Promoting your new tool to your audience

Make an announce on social media to present your virtual fitting solution in photo or video. Broadcast an eyewear try-on
as a demo to attract users to explore your catalog.

Encourage users to share their fitting session on social media platforms. By relaying their recorded experience done on your website, you can benefit from UGC (User Generated Content) and therefore gain visibility among a wider audience.

virtual try on

A video demo

Recording a video demo to announce your new feature in an attractive way.

social media

A funny challenge

Entice your audience to share their try-ons through a specific hashtag related to a challenge.

case study

Collaborate with influencers

Leverage influencers to showcase your new collections through virtual fittings.

To go further on social networks you can as well create AR filters for Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Check out our custom social media filters

Integrations of the virtual try-on by our customers

Fittingbox Virtual try-on for Website allows you to customize your e-commerce solution according to your desires and brand image.
The size of your virtual mirror, the navigation options, the choice of frame colors, the selection of lens tints, everything is personalized to offer a tailor-made shopping experience.



Frame carousel with catalog filter -  Frame color selector - Add to Wishlist - Snapshot button

Discover it


Frames carousel - Frame color selector - Lens tints selector

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Frame color selector - Lens tints selector

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Standard implementation

Discover it

Core advantages of virtual try-on

As an eyewear professional, whether you are an optician, retailer or manufacturer, implementing a virtual try-on solution
offers several advantages to your business.

For your company, it is a way to stand out from competition by being at the cutting edge of technology. By promoting the digitization of your eyewear business, you can also expand your sales channels and
improve your omnichannel strategy.

social media

Better customer experience

"Wow" effect and customer trust strengthened

e commerce

Conversion and sales booster

Increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment


Generator of engagement

Available on any device and increase in product pages viewed


Brand awareness builder

Enhanced brand image and competitive advantage


5 Things to Keep in Mind
Before Getting your Virtual Try-On

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