Fielmann presents its virtual try-on for glasses

The ROI of a virtual try-on feature
Testimonial from Fielmann

How to measure the impact of the virtual try-on on your website?
That is what Fielmann did by testing 5 Million visited pages!

Get insights about how to proceed and check out what Fielmann observed about the increase in engagement and conversion.

Fielmann increases eyewear sales with virtual try-on

Making users engage more with your website

"Consumers who use the Virtual Try-On on our online shop visit 3 to 4 times more product pages"

Enticing people to make online purchase

"Virtual Try-on is definitely a huge booster for our online sales."

A feature that helps driving traffic in store  

"This is a killer feature to drive increasingly more traffic to stores"

How to measure the ROI of a virtual try-on feature available on a website?


Get insights from Fielmann

About Fielmann Group

The Fielmann Group is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of vision aids and other optical products, as well as hearing aids and accessories. More than 27 million people wear Fielmann eyewear.

The stock-listed family business was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Today, Fielmann operates more than 930 stores in 16 countries and through digital sales on its website.

For over 50 years, the name Fielmann has been synonymous with fashionable eyewear at fair prices. The company not only offers top brands and international designers, but also employs top in-house designers who set the fashion standard for eyewear.


About what benefits Fielmann Group has got thanks to virtual try-on in eyewear sales 

"We have compared the conversion of sunglasses purchases: with a Virtual Try-On experience, it goes up to 3x more than without VTO, depending on the countries."

"After virtually trying on a pair of glasses, we observed that users are twice more likely to book an appointment in one of our shops." tells Stefan WOLK, E-commerce Director at Fielmann Group.


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