Virtual try-on of anti-blue light glasses by Gunnar

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RJ Snyder (Marketing Director at Gunnar Optiks) talks about the impressive results achieved since the introduction of a frames virtual mirror on their website.

Gunnar provides virtual-try on for blue light glasses

A true alternative for brands and customers

"[...] when purchasing glasses, try-on is very important and [that] when we were unable to deliver the experience physically we needed an alternate solution"

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Respond to the new consumer needs

"The appeal came from solving the need that we had. That was to address people’s need to try-on the products."

How to solve eyewear wearers' concerns when searching for glasses online?


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About Gunnar

Founded in 2007, Gunnar is the leading gaming and computer eyewear engineered to enhance performance and protect your eyes from digital devices such as phones, computers and tablets.

Our lens patented technology is engineered to address all symptoms associated with short term and long term exposure to blue light and other issues that stem from digital eyestream.

Gunnar has been mentionned in several tech media reviews including PCWorld, Lifehacker, Huffington Post and Gizmodo for its special safety glasses that protect the eyes from computer vision syndrome.


About why did Gunnar choose Virtual Try-On technology for eyewear 

"We chose to take that route because we know that when purchasing glasses, try-on is very important and that when we were unable to deliver the experience physically we needed an alternate solution and we also believed that this would introduce fun/interactive components to make a more exciting shopping experience online."

"We really believe strongly that in any retail situation, if we are unable to deliver an actual try-on experience, a solution needs to be implemented.", testifies RJ SNYDER, Marketing Director at Gunnar.


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