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Find inspiration for your eyewear catalog

You know what types of eyewear wearers are interested in your
brand, but a few questions remain:

  • What are the different inspirations that match their profile?
  • What content can bring added value to each profile?

This full guide will give you advice on how to adapt your eyewear catalog
according to the needs and interests of your customers.

Why paying attention to the different inspirations and
influences of eyewear wearers?

By using the right keywords, following the right influencers and the latest trends, you can build a strong brand image and offer your customers an eyewear catalog that meets their expectations about glasses.

The right information for a great content


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Using keywords that are relevant to each profile allows you to be appealing and to rank highly on the web.

These keywords can be found based on trends, personality criteria, or a particular style of clothing. They could even rely on specific lifestyle.

Keywords should be seen as starting points for discovering ideas and styles. Their purpose is to guide you throughout the construction of your eyewear catalog.



Being worn by famous people enable your brand to achieve greater consistency in the organization of your eyewear catalog.

If your targets have similar profiles to certain famous influencers, then it can be interesting to follow their style.

If your brand recalls styles appreciated by your customers, then you can inspire confidence in shoppers. It is essential to go for influencers who match the values of your brand and your customers.

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When it comes to staying at the cutting edge of fashion, it is a good idea to follow trends when thinking about and organizing your glasses catalog.

In fashion, trends often reflect the expression of a personality and the feeling of belonging to a community.

If you want to offer eyewear with a contemporary look, or designer styles, it is important to combine the authenticity of your brand with the dynamics of trends.

Expectations and inspirations of the different glasses wearers

The "Fashion Addicts"

These buyers are generally interested in pairs of glasses worn by celebrities on Instagram. They often think: "I wish I could have the same style".

They're drawn to eyewear from trendy and iconic brands such as Balanciaga, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Ray-Ban, Dita, Thierry Lasry and Cazal.

Relevant keywords to their profile:
- include popular brand names
- include glasses worn by famous people

They like to draw inspiration from celebrities like David Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Chiara Ferragni and Julie Sarinana.


The "Eyewear Lovers"

Eyewear lovers are above all amateurs and connoisseurs.

They closely follow fashion influencers, new designers and independent creators. They pay close attention to the fit between eyewear style and face shape.

They are attracted by frames with atypical designs and original glasses seen in movies. Their favorite brands are Andy Wolf, Anne et Valentin, Caroline Abram, ic! Berlin, or Alain Mikli.

Keywords that might catch their attention are:
- designer glasses
- custom-made eyewear
- eyewear with original style

They probably follow eyewear influencers like Emily Escande Luciano, Julien Vansteeger, Damien Miglietta or Giulia De Martin.


The "Sporty Wearers"

Sports enthusiasts and sports eyewear wearers are interested in frames specially designed for sports and worn by athletes.

They prefer sunglasses made from light, technical materials, with a preference for photochromic lenses. They are attentive to the fit and comfort of the frame during exercise.

They are attracted by polarized sunglasses, and specialized sports brands such as Oakley, Vuarnet, Bollé and Tifosi Optics.

Keywords likely to appeal to them:
- sports glasses
- racing glasses
- cycling sunglasses


The "Eco-friendly" buyers

These eyewear wearers pay particular attention to the manufacturing processes and environmental impact of the making of frames.

The presence of eco-responsible certifications and labels are important reassurance factors in their purchasing decision.

They are attracted by wooden frames and those made from recycled materials.

Their favorite eyewear brands are Sea2see, Proof Eyewear, Dresden Vision, Pala Eyewear and Panda.

Suitable keywords for their profile include:
- ecological eyewear
- recycled eyewear
- sustainable eyewear
- eco-responsible eyewear manufacturers


The "Educated Choosers"

"Educated buyers" are eyewear wearers who pay close attention to product details and technical features.

Their interest lies in frames that use the latest materials and benefit from the latest technological treatments. For them, quality takes precedence over fashion trends. They are therefore willing to invest in eyewear that offers superior technical quality.

In their searches, they are more likely to make queries that may include the following keywords:
- high-end eyewear
- innovative materials glasses
- eyewear with advanced treatments
- eyewear with optimum comfort

They may also be interested in specific terms relating to technical features, such as :
- anti-reflective lenses
- scratch resistant lens
- lightweight glasses
- glasses with ergonomic fit 


Buyers with "Practical" oriented profiles

Glasses wearers considered as "Thrifty Choosers", "Basic Choosers", or even "Replacers" favor accessibility and practicality in their eyewear purchases. They are mainly looking for eyeglasses due to a need of corrective lenses.

They prefer simple products and are not necessarily interested in luxury brands or fashion. Above all, they look for frames and lenses that offer the best value for money.

These buyers are more likely to turn to brands such as Afflelou, Multiópticas, Fashion Eyewear or Specsavers.

The most relevant keywords for these buyer profiles are:
- affordable eyewear
- low-budget glasses
- simple eyeglasses
- cheap eyeglasses


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