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Snapchat Filters for Glasses

How to create your own filters: the complete guide

Want to create Snapchat filters for glasses?
From editing to promotion, find out how to generate engagement
and increase brand awareness with custom filters in Augmented Reality.

Create a Snapchat Filter

Snapchat is famously known for messaging and sending photos and videos that disappears once seen (i.e ephemeral content).

It is also possible to create video content by adding effects in Augmented Reality thanks to filters. 
Snapchat launched the first AR filters for social media in 2015. The platform is now the reference when it comes to filters and it has the largest library of effects (face transformation, fashion accessories, logo, animated background...). There are even mini game filters.

Many brands offer their own filters to promote their products (glasses, makeup, clothes, accessories) and gain visibility by adding their logo. More than 2 billion Snapchat filters are used every day in marketing campaigns and sponsored posts!

The audience to target on Snapchat

The Snapchat audience is young: mainly 18-24 year olds (39% of users) are active on the social platform. The 25-34 age group is also well represented with 22% of users.
The messaging system on this social network is also the most used among 15-24 year olds.

It is mainly the creative and spontaneous nature of Snapchat that is appreciated by users. Users spend an average of 1 hour a day on the application, for a total of 5 billion snaps sent a day.

Augmented reality filters are therefore an effective way to create both funny and immersive content among Snapchatters.

Considering how viral Snapchat is, many brands are present on the platform, whether to enternain their audience or to fill a need, like virtual fitting. With filters, they can offer more immersive shopping experiences to young consumers.

Users trying on an AR filter on Snapchat

Key Numbers of Snapchat Filters 

social media

Filters seen per day on Snapchat

2 Billion

Filters in sponsored content



Time spent using AR filters


Compared to the time spent on more traditional content without filters



Filters usage rate


Share of users who generate at least one filtered content per day.



Conversion rate


Conversion rate after using a Snapchat filter for a product


What benefits do Snapchat filters offer for your eyewear brand?

Eyewear brands and businesses can benefit from Snapchat filters in their marketing strategy. Indeed, for businesses looking to reach a young and specific target, filters are valuable communication tools to: 

  • Reach a large audience: on Snapchat, filters are widely used and benefit from a viral diffusion among a large number of users.
  • Gain awareness: publishing a custom Snapchat filter with your brand's logo is a creative and effective way to quickly get known  by users.
  • Offer a virtual try-on experience: with Augmented Reality, Snapchat filters allow your customers to virtually try on your glasses directly on the platform. This encourages engagement and purchase.
  • Increase conversions and purchases: using Snapchat filters to promote fashion accessories is very effective. Nearly a third of users who have virtually tried a product make a purchase.
  • Generate in-store traffic: with Snapchat, it's possible to create geo-localized filters, which allow you to publicize the location of your store and encourage users to come and meet you.
Eyewear brands promote glasses on Snapchat

Using AR effects for your marketing & sales strategy.


Augmented reality filters can help you promote your latest collections in a creative way, in order to encourage interactions with your audience and generate more conversions.

It is also possible to customize your filters with your brand image, you will be able to enhance your notoriety and benefit from a higher visibility on the social network.
Specsavers, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Longchamp or Gucci have already created eyewear filters on Snapchat.

Do not hesitate to talk with our team to create your own filter and boost your business.

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 How to promote your Snapchat filter?

There are two ways to promote a Snapchat filter. You can publish it organically, or in an ad-sponsored way.

The most effective and free way to promote your AR Snapchat filter is to create a Snap to show a preview of your effect via a story.
You can also share your filter via a Snapcode (dedicated QR code). This same code can be shared virally.
Your filter will also be available in the Snapchat effects gallery on the app. Users will then be able to find your filter via keyword search.

Regarding the sponsorship of your filter via the Snpachat Ads interface, you will be able to target a specific audience (age, location, interests) and take advantage of the mutual sharing between users.

Promote Snapchat filter to try on glasses

How to track the performances of a Snapchat filter?

To analyze the usage performance of a Snapchat filter, you can access a dedicated dashboard on the Lens Insights effects interface.

On your dashboard, you'll be able to identify and get to know your audiences better with demographic and interest data. You'll also have access to the results of your filter usage with engagement data (reads, views, shares, favorites).

Monitor performances of Snapchat filter on Lens Insights

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