[How to] Create a support email to ask your customer's PD value

Your customer bought glasses, you need to contact them to ask for their PD.

Why should you create an email support loop to ask a PD measure?

It allows you to cover particular cases, for example when there is an issue with an order: the PD is missing/ non-readable on the prescription sent by your customer, etc.

Some opticians/retailers may be tempted to use an average value. However, sending an email with PD Measurement allows you to get an accurate value, thus reducing your return rate.

This use case is valuable in addition to the other implementations. You can also add PD Measurement to your customer's path to purchase and/or on a dedicated page.

How to create a support email with PD Measurement?

The easiest and fastest way to do so is to create a dedicated page first and then to add its link to your email.

A dedicated page is fast to build, and requires no involvement from integration teams.

If you've already created a dedicated page, all you need to do is draft an email on your CRM and add the link leading to the dedicated page.

Your customer should reply to your email with their PD value.

Please note that this is our recommendation, however PD Measurement is an API Product, which means you can implement it according to your own needs/ideas.