PD Measurement overview

An easy-to-use online Pupillary Distance Measurement solution for a complete e-commerce user experience!

Through a user-friendly and easy card protocol, the solution measures the distance between the pupils of the user.

Users who don’t have their PD provided on the prescription can easily finalize their online purchase with an accurate measure.

  • “PD measurement” is a mobile-friendly tool
  • Compatible with any device, mobile and PC
  • Available without downloading any app
  • Easy to integrate the API on any e-commerce website




"PD Measurement" allows you to obtain a proven accuracy of 2mm.

Easy to use

"PD Measurement" is user-centered. It provides you a result instantly, guiding you within 3 steps to obatin the best accuracy.

More details on usage precaunization here : https://www.fittingbox.com/en/resources/help-center/precaunization


"PD Measurement" is an API,  built to answer to all usecases an optician/opthtamlic can get.

With one single product you can choose the way to fit your needs : 

  • Fast integration with to save integration cost 
  • Deep integration in your funnel


"PD Measurement" allows you to

  • Obtain the PD results in a function "GetResults" to allow you to fill automatically your website PD field
  • Personnalize  the colors of the experience to fit to your brand 
  • Choose between light or dark mode 
  • Access to special features. ie : copy to clipboard / NPS [upcoming features]