Why Tech is Crucial to Build a Positive Customer Experience?

09 March 2022 • 3 min read

When customers are satisfied with their shopping experience, they become a loyal customer. If they are ecstatic with their experience from the first click to the arrival of their new product, they tell their friends and family... and you have multiplied your customer base.

This poses the question: How to you over-deliver for your customers to the point where they become your best marketing tool? A single answer: Client Interactivity.

Interactive and immersive is the key for a good customer experience

There are a few steps to consider and to produce the exact results you want for the company AND the customer.

In this blog, let's take the example of an eyewear retailer to better understand the purchase journey and the different actions to pay attention to.


#1 - What do Customers Actually Want?

In order to meet the needs of each customer, you must first identify who your customer is and what they want regarding glasses. Visualize your ideal customer and consider their gender, their income level, their preferences, their location, and importantly – what problems do they have that YOUR business can help to solve.

Based upon the answers, consider what it is they are looking for. Are they looking for a more smooth experience from website to checkout? Do they need personal assistance in navigating the site? How will they know which pair will look great for their head shape and facial features?

When you can identify your customer avatar, you can create effective marketing strategies and omnichannel options to ensure your efforts target buyers who are already looking for a solution to their most pressing problems.


#2 - Step in as the HERO

Where is your white horse riding in from the sunset to rescue your ideal customer from all their eyewear issues? You’ve found their problems, identified their pain points, and now it’s time to work to solve them.

Direct your content toward your customer avatar. Advertisements, social media videos, explainer videos, or written copy in the face of those in need of glasses creates brand awareness. When they’ve consumed hours of your content, your business is the one that comes to mind when the need arises.

Adapt and send messages to the right audience

#3 - The Time of their Lives

Once the customer has decided to take action and visit your website for their eyewear necessities, woo them with your client engagement strategy to ensure their experience is seamless, positive and one-of-a-kind.

Omnichannel sales and marketing tactics can be a major benefit for businesses to create that next-level customer experience. Interconnected efforts make for a smooth transition from click to cart.

Virtual try-on tools embedded into your website personalizes the entire experience and evokes emotion within each customer. As they stare at themselves through that handheld device, wearing the newest eyewear fashions, they fall in love with their new look… and who provided it.

That omnichannel strategy smoothly transitions them to purchase those glasses directly from you.


#4 - Enjoy the Happily Ever After

The buyer’s journey doesn’t end there. Each customer will be impressed with the ease of flow from marketing content to website, online try-on to cart verification, and checkout to delivery.

Imagine the next day while shopping for produce at the local farmer’s market, your customer is spotted from across the aisle and their friend compliments their new frames. The discussion that follows highlights the seamless flow and positive customer engagement on your digital marketplace has now created a new customer for your products.

With your attention to detail, customer service, sleek try-on tool and easy checkout and delivery process, you’ve created brand loyalty.

Keep your customer's attention to your brand even after the purchase

And THAT, my friend, is a happily ever after FOR ALL but

#5 - Don't Forget the Tech

We know that customer engagement is crucial to ensure a positive experience and keep your customers coming back to you for years to come. They must be involved in their own journey. It must feel like a hand-on approach to purchasing.

For brick-and-mortar eyewear establishments, customer service or retail sales persons can provide a front-line effort to ensure customers are led to promoted products but… for digital or online retailers, the challenge is a little more daunting.

The solution: Virtual Try-On

Allowing your customers a personalized tool to visualize their potential new look with your frames creates an emotional investment in the product. Each customer finds virtual try-on resources imperative and a deal-breaker for those companies without it.

Consumers are so accustomed to fun social media applications like SnapChat, WeChat, Facebook and Tiktok (and filters those platforms provide) that allow an augmented reality version of themselves wearing wigs, a different eye color, and even with animal features to entertain the masses.

Virtual try-on glasses solution for website

Without a virtual try-on option when shopping for new eyeglasses or sunglasses, the customer is no longer engaged and entertained with their online shopping trip. They begin searching for the next company that offers what they yearn for: The Tech!

Capturing the customer data, creating content around it that is focused on the buyer, and filling in the gaps that your customers have when it comes to selecting the best eyewear provider – all while engaging them in every possible way – creates brand loyalty and returning customers.

When you provide every piece of the puzzle for your potential buyers in their need for a complete omnichannel strategy and interactive shopping experience, the picture comes into focus…

YOU are what they’re missing.

Brand credibility and immersive shopping experience with virtual try-on



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