Release Notes

All there is to know about what has changed in the product: new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Version 10.4.0 - March 12th, 2024

🚀 Features

  • New languages supported: Arabic, Bulgarian, Swedish and Ukrainian

We are proud to make the VTO available in the following languages: Arabic (ar), Bulgarian (bg), Swedish (sv) and Ukrainian (uk).
All texts and UI elements are covered and end-users can now experience the full VTO experience in their native language.

⭐ Quality of Life & UI/UX

  • Allowing custom restart UX: We added a new method to restart the VTO experience and allow the integration to offer a customized user experience, with its own UI.  This method also triggers an invite to the user for them to restart the experience when it failed, for instance after they've been inactive for too long.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Incompatibility update for iOS 14: We moved all the iOS 14 versions in the incompatibility list as they consistently run into issues in a middleware layer (WebAssembly).

  • UI elements not responding to clicks: We fixed an issue where some UI elements in Photo mode did not triggered click events.

  • Callback triggers: We fixed an issue where the mode changing callbacks (onLiveMode and onPhotoMode) were not triggered properly.

Version 10.3.0 - February 19th, 2024

⭐ Quality of Life & UI/UX

  • Ensure front-facing camera: We added rules to make sure that the browser gives access to the front-facing camera.

🔧 Bugfixes

  • PD taken into account in Photo mode: We fixed an issue where the Pupillary Distance was not taken into account when computing renders in Photo mode.

Version 10.2.0 - January 5th, 2024

🚀 Features

  • New callback to inform when user experience is not optimal

We added a new callback which is triggered when different kind of issues happen, leading to a user experience that is not optimal (see API Reference > onIssue). Covered issues range from small UX impairments, such as low performances from the device, up to failures, such as no camera being found or the user detection protocole failing. This will allow you to adapt as you wish the user experience in these circumstances.

  • Additional Faceshape insights

Upon request, the Faceshape module now computes and provides a matching score for all possible face shapes. This will allow you to offer a better user experience to your customers, for instance with a more extensive visualization (e.g. a nice radar chart) or a broader frame recommendation.

⭐ Quality of Life & UI/UX

  • Enable/disable the “Poor connection” UI: Similarly to other UI elements, we now let you choose to enable or disable the “Poor connection” pop-up (see API Reference > uiConfiguration).

  • Standardization of UI elements CSS: To simplify CSS customisation of the VTO module, we standardized all our UI elements with the data-style attribute (see related How-to guide).

  • UI feedback on invalid apikey: Although this never is the case in production environment, it happens that invalid apikeys are sometimes used during testing and integration phases. This is now clearly stated with a UI feedback to inform the user and ease troubleshooting.

  • VTO version logging: We updated the formatting of the console log of the current VTO version to improve readability.

🔧 Bugfixes

  • Feedback when no camera is available: We fixed an issue where the VTO would not inform the user if no camera is available to try-on in live mode.

Version 10.1.0 - December 7th, 2023

🚀 Features

  • New callback on Photo VTO

We added a `onPhotoRender` callback which is triggered when a Photo VTO has been computed and lets you know if the render was successful or not, as well as gives you an easy access to the result.

⭐ Quality of Life & UI/UX

  • Improved recovering threshold: We adjusted the time frame during which we try to recover the face tracking when it is temporarily lost, which should slightly reduce the waiting time in most cases.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • Photo render not correctly displayed: We fixed an issue where the photo render would not be correctly displayed below a certain width of the container element.

  • Disclaimer not displayed: We fixed an issue where the disclaimer was, in rare cases, not displayed, which would prevent the experience from starting.

Version 10.0.0 - November 6th, 2023

🚀 Features

  1. Frames identifier unification

    We updated our frames request system to automatically handle all types of frames identifier (sku, EAN, UPC, GTIN). In every methods of our APIs, users can work with identifiers they use internally and don't need to compute a match with our identifiers.

  2. Availability endpoint

    We added a new endpoint to our API which informs in real-time if a frame is available for VTO, hence if the digital asset exists. This endpoint handles batches of up to 100 frames.

  3. Denser face tracking

    We upgraded our face tracking engine which now uses a denser and adaptive gridpoint to better follow the movements of the user's face, especially for important horizontal rotation.

  4. Module startup sequence

    We split the starting sequence of the VTO module into two steps. First, the instanciation of the VTO module to download and initialize the library. Then, the start of the VTO experience which opens the camera and launches the protocols to offer the experience.

⭐ Quality of Life & UI/UX

  • Improved overall performance: Our internal engine has been improved to cut down the starting time.

  • Network issue feedback: A specific alert message will be added when high latency is affecting the user experience.