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Your products in ultra-realistic 3D.

Automatically on your e-commerce website.

Empowering Online Retail

We’ve created 3D4Fashion with one goal in mind: revolutionizing the world of online fashion apparel retail by providing cutting-edge 3D assets that bring an unparalleled level of immersion to the ecommerce experience.

To achieve this goal, a whole team of passionate technology experts, 3D enthusiasts and sneaker lovers is behind 3D4Fashion and shares a common vision – to bridge the gap between traditional retail and the limitless potential of the digital realm.


Beyond static images of Sneakers

In 2022, 1 in 2 shoes sold worldwide was a sneaker. 3 sneakers out of 10 were sold online.

When shopping for sneakers online, consumers crave more than just static images: they want to interact, inspect, and truly connect with the products they’re interested in before buying them.


A Useful Mission

We've made it our mission to deliver top-tier 3D sneaker assets to players in the ecommerce industry, enabling them to enhance their websites. Even better, they can automatically display true-to-life 3D assets on their online shops in just a few clicks, thanks to a plug-in solution.

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A Proven Expertise in 3D

Our parent company, Fittingbox, is the world leader in virtual fitting in Augmented Reality and eyewear digitization in 3D and develops optical solutions based on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Diminished Reality.

Thanks to its 17 years of existence, Fittingbox gathered a well of knowledge about 3D technology and now passes it on to 3D4Fashion.


 The result of this expertise in 3D is an authentic and photorealistic representation that ignites the senses and drives consumer engagement like never before.

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Your products in ultra-realistic 3D.
Automatically on your e-commerce website.