Fittingbox Team the leader in virtual try-on for eyewear Fittingbox Team the leader in virtual try-on for eyewear

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Since 2006, Fittingbox, the Digital Eyewear Company,
has established itself as the
world leader in virtual fitting
and eyewear digitization.

Fittingbox, the leader in Augmented Reality (AR) in Eyewear and frame digitization in 3D, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now Diminished Reality (DR). The company generates more than 120 million virtual fittings per year and represents the largest database of 3D frames in the world, with over 140,000 pairs and more than 4,000 corporate customers.

A unique vision since 2006

Benjamin Hakoun & Ariel Choukroun, co-founders of Fittingbox, were the firsts to launch the “virtual mirror”, that allows consumers to try glasses on via a desktop or mobile device, in real time.

"Thanks to augmented reality, we want to change the way people choose and buy glasses, to make things easier for them. Innovation has always been part of Fittingbox's DNA."

Benjamin HAKOUN and Ariel CHOUKROUN founders at Fittinbox

The pioneers who paved the way with World Premieres

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The first and global leader of
Virtual Try-On & Digital Frames

120M+ virtual
try-on sessions

powered in 2022

4.000+ customers

around the world

140.000+ frames

 in our photo & 3D Database

16 patents

in the USA & Europe

A talented Team of 100+ members

Fittingbox's Executive Committee

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Fittingbox's Story

From Pioneers...



  • Creation of Fittingbox by Ariel & Benjamin, students at the time
  • Winner of the IT prize of the Petit Poucet - Microsoft



  • Release of the 1st online photo-based virtual mirror
  • Winner of the "Création Développement" trophy  - Competition organized by the French Ministry



  • Release of the 1st online virtual mirror
  • Innovation Prize of the Midi-Pyrénées Region - Innovations Competition
  • Prize for the creation of a company on the "Concours HEC et Challenges”



  • Winner of “Plan de Relance Economique – web 2.0” by the French Ministry of Economy
  • Creation of frame digitization studio in Augmented Reality



  • Special Jury Prize - "TOP 250 Software providers - Syntec Numérique and Ernst & Young"



  • Fittingbox Inc. opens in Miami
  • Awarded the "Trophées de l'économie Numérique" prize
  • Winners of the BPI France Digital Innovation Contest
Fittingbox pionner in eyewear virtual try-on technology

...To The Reference



  • Release of Virtual Try-On Advanced & Standard in HTML5





  • Gartner recommends Fittingbox
  • 100.000 3D frames in Fittingbox Database



  • Gartner recommends Fittingbox for the 2nd year in a row
  • Silmo d'or finalist with Fittingbox Visio



  • Winner of  the PBI France I-Nov Innovation Contest with Fittingbox Visio
  • JINS becomes an investor



Fittingbox got Trophee throughout its journey

Paving the way with world premieres

& Disruptive Innovations Driven by Market Needs


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The world premiere Frame Removal comes after years of researching, developing, and securing over a dozen international patents.

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Fittingbox's fields of expertise

virtual try on

Virtual Try-On

The ultimate "try-before-you-buy" experience in real time and on any device

digital frames

Digital Frames

Leverage our expertise in frame digitization for realistic digital twins of physical frames.


Optical Toolbox

The right tools to make the optical know-how digital: from lens simulator to measurements

open innovation

Open Innovation

 Co-create with us and develop solutions that will meet your particular needs.


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