About FittingBox

Meet FittingBox. The story and the team behind Augmented Reality virtual online mirror solutions for the Eyecare Industry.

We are FittingBox, inventors of the 1st digital mirror allowing you to virtually try on glasses thanks to AR technology.

”A third of people wearing glasses can’t see themselves without their corrective lenses.”

— Ariel Choukroun, Co-founder and VP Research and Technology

FittingBox was born in 2006, when cousins Ariel Choukroun and Benjamin Hakoun challenged themselves to successfully reinvent the traditional in-store mirror, and create a virtual one. This was after Ariel realized he needed Benjamin’s help with his next glasses purchase, because he couldn’t see himself in the optician's mirror!

They set themselves the goal of improving the customer experience of others like Ariel, and those searching for their next pair of glasses in general. They also aimed to use this innovation to boost business for eyecare professionals.

  • Vision-1
    Our Vision
    Be consumer-centric while applying the insights of eyewear professionals.
  • Clients
    Our Clients
    We service 4000+ clients in more than 30 countries from our American and French offices.
  • Mission
    Our Mission
    Provide breakthrough, innovative digital solutions for touchpoints in the eyewear path to purchase.
  • RandD

    We registered 14 patents representing $1.8 million in R&D investment in 2018.

  • Team
    Our Team
    FittingBox is made up of 65 team members spread across Miami (Florida - USA) and Labège (Toulouse - France) averaging 33 years old and including 50% of women. We’ve compiled the world’s largest database of digital frames (85,000 frames). We registered 14 patents for technological innovations and our R&D investment for 2017 was $1.7 million.
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