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Since 2006, Fittingbox has been paving the way for Digital Eyewear by mastering Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

A strong and proven R&D expertise,

building the most realistic AR experience with outstanding 3D assets


International Patents
(+2 expected per year)



of our revenue invested each year in R&D, for more than 15 years.

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experts in AR, AI, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics & Computer Vision

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Fittingbox's main fields of expertise:

Augmented Reality & Diminished Reality

Pioneer in Augmented Reality for Eyewear, Fittingbox has developed and constantly improve the leading Virtual Try-On technology.

First in offering a live try-on experience on any device and platform, Fittingbox even masters state-of-the-art technology in Diminished Reality, which, unlike Augmented Reality, digitally removes an element from the real world.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Fittingbox technology uses Artificial Intelligence under its many aspects, namely Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

A dedicated Machine Learning team develops the most advanced algorithms. Fittingbox algorithms can generate within milliseconds any virtual glasses on a real face and remove real glasses from an image also in milliseconds.

Computer Vision & Face Detection

Fittingbox Computer Vision Team masters advanced technologies such as Mesh Compression and Face Measurements.

Our 10+ specialists deposited numerous patents within these specific fields that aim to reconstruct a 3D scene from its 2D images, captured by a camera. 


Computer Graphics & Glasses 3D Modeling 

Fittingbox Computer Graphics and StudioLab teams continuously strive to enhance the 3D rendering of optical glasses and sunglasses, including lenses and frames.

Our experts developed in-house a Physically Based Rendering (PBR) engine. This cross-platform engine includes an advanced light transmission to allow true-to-life aspect to the glasses displayed in 3D.

Vignette blog expert talks christophe D EN

Advanced techniques for Realistic renderings

Christophe Dehais, Computer Graphics Manager, explains how we keep improving our real time Virtual Try-On solutions to make them look as realistic as possible. What are the challenges involved when it comes to complex materials?What’s next for even more realistic renderings?

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Expert Talks Xavier Naturel miniature

Machine Learning role in the Frame Removal experience

Xavier Naturel, Machine Learning Researcher at Fittingbox. He has significantly contributed to the technological research for the design of our innovation: Frame Removal. What role does Machine Learning play in this digital experience? 

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The challenge of lighting in virtual try-on

Xavier Rivory, StudioLab Manager, talks about tackling the challenges of lighting in a 3D environment, an essential component needed to create a realistic virtual experience.

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Disruptive innovations driven by market needs

Digital Frames

The World's Largest Database of 3D glasses 

Get access to 140K+ digital frames in high resolution.


Try on glasses virtually with Fittingbox Try-on glasses virtually with Fittingbox








Experience our Live & Ultra-Realistic
Eyewear Virtual Try-On

Some of the exclusive features developed for Fittingbox Virtual Try-On


Frame Removal

Virtual removing of the glasses the user is wearing to allow an easier virtual try-on of new frames.


Lens Simulator

Virtual try-on of different tints, coatings and photochromic lenses.



Access to 140k+ digital frames representing 1.200+ brands available for virtual try-on.



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