Fittingbox - A New Brand Identity For A New Era of Virtual Try On

18 March 2021 • 3 min read

Fittingbox reinvents itself to meet a new challenge: take on the role as the catalyst for the digital transformation of the Eyewear industry.


New brand identity, new product offer, new website: Fittingbox modernizes its brand image, marking a turning point in the company's history:

  • New logo and new branding: a modern and refined style

  • New product offer: based on market trends

  • New product names: more descriptive names for a better understanding

  • New website: a clean design and precise product presentations

fbx logo1235-1


Why undergoing this change?


Today, Fittingbox changes its corporate identity for several reasons:

  1. Fittingbox is not only a virtual try-on provider anymore, but also a key player in the digital transformation of the Eyewear industry. The company offers an ecosystem of skills and solutions ranging from frame digitization to tools dedicated to ECPs and R&D co-creation capabilities.

  1. This year, Fittingbox celebrates its 15 year-anniversary. It was an opportunity for the team to make the company's brand image evolve and highlight how far it has come: beginning as a startup to become an established company working with world-renowned brands.

  1. Fittingbox wishes to convey a message that is easy to understand for its clients and their end-customers. As a technology-based company, Fittingbox is aware of how complicated understanding new technologies can be and wishes to highlight the benefits their clients can reap for their businesses by using its solutions. 

  2. Finally, Fittingbox wants to show it is the one and only player in the industry to offer a complete digitalization solution thanks to several know-hows:

    • Virtual Try-On: as a turnkey product or 100% customizable solution

    • 3D model production and shooting of frames

    • Measurements and lens simulation

    • Frame recommendation based on facial analysis

    • Business insights to meet the needs and trends of the Eyewear market



“Our image must be elegant and match the added  value of our technology and our customers' expectations”

Amandine Perrier,  LATAM & EMEA Sales Director



« We want to grow from a "geek teenager" to a bright, mature and modern adult. »

Stéphanie Loutfi Legrand, Product Marketing & Strategy Manager



What is Fittingbox's new product offer?


Virtual try on

Fittingbox's product offer is now based on 4 pillars:

  • Virtual Try-On, which remains a major key point in the company's strategy.
    In 2020, more than 54 million Eyewear virtual try-ons were powered by Fittingbox solutions, representing a 300% growth within a year. A figure that clearly reflects the ongoing digital transformation of the Eyewear industry.

Essayage virtuel


  • Digital Frames: Fittingbox has a clear objective: becoming the equivalent of Google for glasses. The brand is well on its way with more than 100,000 3D frames available in its database and in photo packshots. More than 4,000 digitized frames are produced each month which makes the company's production capacity unchallenged by its competitors.

    In addition, its production process provides the best quality on the market: by digitizing real physical frames, Fittingbox guarantees exact measurements of digital frames thanks to meticulous accuracy, which creates ultra-realistic 3D try-ons.

    Fittingbox's product portfolio is getting bigger as the company will very soon release a new product allowing the production of tailor-made renderings created by their new dedicated team called Studio Lab.

Montures digitales


  • Optical Toolbox: this pillar gathers all the tools allowing ECPs to make their expertise digital: online measurements, lens simulation, face shape analysis and frame recommendation.
  • Open Innovation pillar: Fittingbox's R&D team is made of more than 45 talents, each expert in their own field: Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Machine learning, UX/UI. The company wishes to co-create with its partners and the players in its ecosystem, gather all the skills and support the Eyewear industry during major changes.


Fittingbox's new logo


Fittingbox sur fond bleu


With simplicity and elegance in mind, Fittingbox's team came up with a new logo composed of a modern font and two graphic elements: a reversed N hinting at the 'mirror effect' and a rectangle referring to the shape of the screens of modern devices. In brief, this new logo was made to echo the company's technology and sector of activity.


A new visual identity

The brand decided to go for midnight blue as its main color, a choice both elegant and technology oriented. Its new visual identity is also composed of 4 secondary colors representing each pillar of its new product offer, making its ecosystem easier to understand. These 4 colors: orange, gold, cyan and purple stand out from each other and bring a fresh touch to the brand's new identity.


New product names

Fittingbox also decided to give its products more descriptive names in order to clearly state their added value and make it plainly understandable for its customers.


A new website

The end-result of this identity revamp can be seen on Fittingbox's brand-new website. Branded with the company's new colors, the structure of the website reminds the visitors of the 4 product pillars and features a crystal clear segmentation, on top of simple descriptions of the company's products. 


Fittingbox team is very enthusiastic about this brand identity change as it marks the beginning of a new era for the company. Fittingbox is proud of how far it has come and is excited for the promising future it wishes to share with its clients and partners.




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