Glasses digitization for the eyewear industry Glasses digitization for the eyewear industry

Digital Frames

3D assets for eyewear catalog

Our +15-year experience in shooting frames combined with our patented
have ensured the creation of 155k realistic digital frames
that account for the world’s largest database of 3D frames.

The production of high-quality renderings and 3D modeling is a fully scalable service to meet your needs.

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3D Frame Database

Fittingbox Database is the world’s largest photo and 3D frame database: more than 155k digital frames and more than 1.200 brands available.
Fittingbox makes its database available to meet all your needs and fulfill all your uses.

World's biggest digitized Frame Database

3D Studio


Our 3D Studio digitizes glasses to create high resolution and accurate 3D frame models designed for virtual experiences.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio provides a full range of web-ready high-definition photos of glasses in record time.
From still pictures to 360° views, we produce professional photo renderings with a rigorous attention to detail and offer a fully scalable service.

High Quality glasses packshots for website

Model Studio

Model Studio is a contextual photo production, allowing to put virtually any frame on the face of any model, in any position.
Maximize your photo production by creating thousands of visuals with minimum time and effort.

Eyewear photoshoot with digital model studio

With Fittingbox's new quality, Glasses Virtual Try-On has never been as realistic as today!
Even with crystal frames!


Discover how Fittingbox turns a physical frame into a digital one


Our other fields of expertise

Glasses Virtual try-on with mobile on the streets

Virtual Try-On

Available for: Website - Instore - Social Media- Advertising

Digital solutions for eyewear and eyecare professionals

Optical ToolBox

Lens Simulator

Innovation for eyewear companies by Fittingbox

Open Innovation

R&D Capabilities – Co-Creation Possibilities



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