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Optical Toolbox

Bring your optical expertise to the digital world and provide
a high-quality service to your clients while they shop.

We provide all the right tools to make the optical know-how digital.

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Fittingbox Metrix

Fittingbox Metrix is a digital PD measurement tool backed by a step-by-step protocol. This product is user-friendly on top of providing you with precise measurements.
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PD measurement tool for eyecare business

Lens Simulator

Lens Simulator allows your patients to virtually try on different shades, coatings and photochromic lenses.
It’s a great add-on that gives them the opportunity to find the right lenses along with the right frames.

Lens Simulator is an add-on that must be paired with our virtual try-on solutions.
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Try glasses lens virtually and easily on your device

Our other fields of expertise

Virtual try-on on the streets

Virtual Try-On

Available for: Website - Instore - Storefront - Advertising

Digital Frames

Digital Frames

Photo Studio – 3D Studio – Model Studio - Database

Innovation for eyewear companies

Open Innovation

R&D Capabilities – Co-Creation Possibilities



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