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Innovative technologies for the eyewear industry MicrosoftTeams-image (45)

Open Innovation

Discover the technology behind Fittingbox products, our R&D capabilities and
take the opportunity to co-create with us and develop solutions that will meet your particular needs.

R&D Capabilities 


Machine learning, Computer vision, Artificial Intelligence: our team of researchers uses skills and knowledge to take these technologies to the next level. They develop groundbreaking products with one question in mind: how can we improve the life of glasses wearers thanks to technology?

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We thrive to empower the eyewear industry with innovative and useful products.
That’s why, we came up with the Avant-première concept: it aims at bringing technological skills and optical knowledge together to create breakthrough products and features.
By working hand in hand with you as partners, we can perfectly match your needs while making the eyewear industry move forward.

As an example, we're currently working on an Avant-Première project related to our product, Storefront Window. You can get a sneak peek about it by clicking below.


What's Next ?

We are working on amazing top secret projects!

We would love to reveal some exclusive details if you're interested in learning more about them.

Meanwhile, if you have some innovative ideas you would like to share with us, we can co-create together, by going as far as co-patenting like we've already done with some of our partners.

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Our other fields of expertise

Virtual try-on on the streets

Virtual Try-On

Available for: Website - Instore - Storefront - Advertising

Digital Frames

Digital Frames

Photo Studio – 3D Studio – Model Studio - Database

optician instore

Optical Toolbox

Lens Simulator



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