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PD Measurement Solution

Ensure shoppers order glasses confidently

Build customer confidence through an effortlessly and
accurate measure of the pupillary distance.

Our user-friendly tool guarantees 100% of shoppers
can order prescription glasses without any hassle

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  • High precision

    Instant and accurate PD measure
    with ≈ 1mm precision for the right fit

  • Confident order

    Empower customers to get more
    when buying glasses online

  • Easy-to-use

    A seamless solution to boost sales
    and reduce cart abandonment

The intuitive measurement process at a glance, with proven accuracy


Accurate & Reliable PD Measures

Fittingbox PD Measurement guarantees instant and precise pupillary distance measurements.

The online tool has proven 1 mm accuracy in 70% of cases and 2 mm accuracy in 96%. 

Backed by international 5 patents, the solution ensures users to choose the right prescriptions glasses. with exact calculations.

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Online & Seamless Conversion Maker

As a mobile-first solution, it embeddes an easy-to-follow card protocol that guides users through the measurement process.

A must-have for online shoppers, who need confidence when purchasing of prescription glasses online.

Shoppers can thus complete their orders and do not feel blocked anymore at the crucial step of configurating their lenses.

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Easy & flexible integrations

Fittingbox PD Measurement can be directly embedded to your eyewear website, at any stage of the path to purchase.

Working on any device, you can customize your own experience. An access link to the measurement tool can also be added to any email you send to your customers.

The standard integration takes 10 min to bet set up on your website.

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Interested in getting an accurate online PD Measurement tool?


Core Features


Instant & Precise Results

An accuracy of ± 1.5 mm is guaranteed for 95% of measures and even ± 0.5 mm for 1 out of 2 measures.
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Step-by-step Protocol

Easy-to-follow instructions, positions guidelines as well as a tutorial to accompany the user.
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Mobile-friendly tool, available without downloading any app. Compatible with any device: mobile, desktop or tablet.
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Easy Implementation

The standard version takes 10 min to integrate for a web developer.

Data Privacy

Fittingbox is GDPR compliant and doesn't collect nor process any personal data.
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Customization Options

Light and dark modes available.

Add Fittingbox solution at any steps of the shopping journey



Directly at checkout

Add Fittingbox PD Measurement directly during the validation of the order, when shoppers configurate their lenses.

Their pupillary distance will automatically be added to their order at checkout.


Follow-up email

You can insert an access link to Fittingbox PD Measurement into any email you send to your clients.

By clicking on it, they will be redirected to the Fittingbox solution to measure their pupillary distance.


Dedicated web page

You can add a link to Fittingbox PD Measurement in a blog article or a tutorial page, so that readers can measure their PD.

Create content about pupillary distance to educate and give reassurance to online shoppers.


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