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Online PD Measurement

Get Pupillary Distance for ecommerce

Pupillary Distance is essential to place the optical center of the lenses. When shopping online, end-users often face challenges in providing precise measures if their PD is not given in their prescription.

Get an easy-to-use and accurate online tool so 100% of shoppers can order prescription glasses on your website.

Easy & Accurate Online PD Measurements for Prescription Glasses


Ensure a proper fit

Accurate PD measurement ensures a proper fit, optimal visual clarity, and convenience with the best vision correction possible.

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Give confidence in ordering online

Achieve precise results so shoppers can confidently order their eyewear from the comfort of their own home.


Offer a seamless shopping experience

Reduce cart abandonment and ill-fitting glasses by providing an appropriate solution when PD is unknown.

Why is Pupillary Distance (PD) important?

Pupillary distance (PD) refers to the distance between the center of your pupils. It is a crucial measurement when it comes to eyeglasses, as it determines where the optical center of the lenses should be placed

If the PD is incorrect, it can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and even distorted vision. When it comes to PD Measurement, accuracy is crucial for any eyewear purchase, instore or online.

The Fittingbox Online PD Measurement Solution measures the distance between the pupils of the user with a proven accuracy of 1 mm for 7 out of 10 measurements. The accuracy is within 2mm of the actual measure in 96% of cases.

PD Measurement Glasses Optical Center

Accurate Measurements to Ensure a Proper Fit


PD is necessary for the configuration of the lenses, ensuring that you are looking through the correct part of the lenses for optimal vision. There are two types of PD measurements:

  • Single or Binocular PD measures the distance between the centers of both pupils. It is the most commonly used measurement, as it provides a more accurate representation of your overall vision needs.
  • Dual or Monocular PD measures the distance between each pupil and the center of the bridge of your nose.

The Fittingbox PD Measurement Solution provides accurate and instant results of Single PD for any user + Dual PD if the user wears glasses when performing the measure.

PD Measurement Single and Dual PD explication

A Key Step in Converting the Cart into an Order

Precise PD measurement is especially crucial for shopping glasses online.
The PD is supposed to be mentioned in the prescription. When this is not the case, online shoppers can be blocked at the crucial step of configurating their lenses

Fittingbox PD Measurement Solution is a mobile-friendly tool, available without downloading any app, and compatible with any device, mobile, desktop or tablet.

Users who don’t know their PD can easily finalize their online purchase with an accurate measure.

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Fittingbox PD Measurement: the Reliable and Accurate PD Tool

Fittingbox’s PD Measurement is a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use solution to get accurate results online.

It features a user-friendly interface with step-by-step instructions and clear visuals, making the measurement process intuitive and straightforward.

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Backed by five worldwide patents on the technology and method for determining ocular measurements, Fittingbox’s PD Measurement is the go-to choice for precise and convenient optical measures.

Know more about Fittingbox PD Measurement

The intuitive measurement process at a glance, with proven accuracy

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