Drive-to-store solution for eyewear brands Drive-to-store solution for eyewear brands

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

With virtual try-on solution

Get more in-store traffic with a realistic virtual try-on experience that drives users to the closest store to try the glasses they have selected online.

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Why is Virtual Try-On a killer feature
to drive online traffic to your stores?


Drive-to-Store 2.5x

Visitors who tried on frames with the virtual try-on feature are 2.5 times more likely to book an appointment to go to a store.  O
bserved on 5M page views.

Fittingbox's Virtual Try-On

The ultimate Experience to Search Online and Purchase Offline

Offer an immersive online experience from frame selection to search for a store.

After browsing a same page, visitors who tried on frames with the virtual try-on feature were 2,5 times more likely to use a store locator tool and book an appointment to go to a store in person.


An Huge Help to Choose
a Frame

89% of glasses wearers found Virtual Try-On useful when it comes to choosing a frame.

The flexibility of shopping on a variety of electronic devices - phone, tablet, laptop- allows consumers to browse eyewear catalogs from the comfort of their home, to eventually travel to a store to make their final purchase.

An Effective Tool to Drive  Traffic Instore

Finding your store becomes the last action of a shopping journey started online.

Consumers can get the route to your shop or even book an appointment after trying on your frame selection. On your website and in a dedicated advertising campaign, virtual try-on engages users with your brand. 


Choose the best virtual try-on for eyewear to increase
the conversion of your online traffic into in-store visits.


Get ready to boost your drive-to-store conversion rate

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5 Things to Keep in Mind
Before Getting your Virtual Try-On

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Try on glasses virtually with Fittingbox Try-on glasses virtually with Fittingbox








Experience our Live & Ultra-Realistic
Eyewear Virtual Try-On


After virtually trying on a pair of glasses, we observed that users are twice more likely to book an appointment in one of our shops.

Stefan WOLK E-commerce Director at Fielmann Group

Since implementing virtual try-on, we've noticed that visitors who used it were almost twice more likely to search for an Eyecare Professional (ECP) on our store locator (compared to those who did not use the Virtual Try-On). 

Liam MURPHY Digital Marketing at Transitions
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Drive online traffic more efficiently to your stores with

Virtual Try-On Advanced for website


Examples of modules that can be added to the core features


Frame Removal

Virtual removing of the glasses the user is wearing to allow an easier virtual try-on of new frames.


Lens Simulator

Virtual try-on of different tints, coatings and photochromic lenses.


Face Shape

Analysis of the user’s face shape to recommend frames matching it.


Choose the formula that meets your needs and your budget


Core Features




Core Features
+ 3 modules


All Stars

Core Features
+ 5 modules



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