Get your glasses digitized in 3D

Transform your frame catalog into ultra-realistic 3D assets designed for virtual experiences. From virtual try-on to social media filters, your eyeglasses or sunglasses are turned into 3D frames in the most realistic and efficient way.

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Benefit from an extensive expertise to accurately digitize your eyewear collections in 3D.

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Ensuring True-to-Life Renderings 

The 3D rendering is exceptionally true-to-life thanks to an in-house technology designed to process textures, materials and light effects on both frame and lenses.

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A Quality Trusted by the Industry

Fittingbox's patented and efficient digitization process ensures the same high level quality across your collections. Trusted by Marchon, Eschenbach, De Rigo, Charmant...

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A Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution

Our digitization technology is especially designed to process high volumes: 4000+ frames per month. Over 195,000 major brands' glasses are already available in 3D.

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A reliable solution for an ultra-realistic 3D version of any type of frames

International Brands and Wide Collections

With the highest capacity for digitizing large volumes of frames, Fittingbox 3D Studio produces up to 4,000 frames per month with consistent quality

195,000+ frames of 1,200+ brands are already available in Fittingbox Database. New frames of major international brands are consistently being digitized.

You can choose to access the Digital Frame Database and digitize the frames that are not yet available with a cost-effective rate.


Private Labels and Designer Collections

3D Studio adapts to your business to meet all your needs.

From photo packshots that go along the 3D Digitization to multi-material frames, Fittingbox is ensuring you true-to-life 3D renderings.

We make sure to pay extra attention to your unique designs in order to create a 3D frame that looks as close as possible to the real one. 


Luxury Brands and Exclusive Collections

Fittingbox is the one player that digitizes the eyewear collection of well-known luxury brands such as Dior or LVMH maisons.

Thanks to our experts in digitization and 3D modeling and in-house dedicated softwares, we can turn the most specific frames into digital objects that are mimicking the frame's appearance in the real world as closely as possible.

With a customized control of lighting, volume and reflection effects, Fittingbox technology enables an incredibly lifelike representation.


3D assets to be displayed in various digital experiences

virtual try on

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On

Advanced renderings and precise frame positioning with the best glasses virtual try-on.

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Other Online Try-On Solutions

Fittingbox Digital Frames can be converted into gltf or glb formats to be compatible with other solutions.


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Social Media Filters

Fittingbox Database is compatible to the specific format of AR filters on social media such as Instagram or Tiktok.

digital frames

Model Studio

A contextual production to put virtually any frame on the face of any model, in any position.


Trusted by the main eyewear manufacturers


Digitize your physical frames
and make them available in 3D for virtual experiences.


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