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Benefit from our guides and webinars to learn more about virtual try-on
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You will find here different main topics related eyewear industry,
for all your potential needs (ecommerce, in-store, social media, online catalog...).


Augmented Reality for Eyewear

The new normal of the shopping journey - View 

Virtual try-on: An untapped potential - View

The Impact of AR on online shopping - View

Augmented Reality to redefine the in-store shopping experience - View

Eyewear online: Virtual Try-On and Augmented Reality - View

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Why retailers must adopt a mobile-first strategy - View 

5 ways to boost customer trust - View

Why tech is crucial to build a positive customer experience - View

6 steps to make your online eyewear sales strategy stronger - View

The 8 must have tools for eyewear e-retailers - View

How to win the trust of online eyewear shoppers - View

Optical e-retailer: stand out from your competitors! - View

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Elevate eyewear sales and customer loyalty with omnichannel strategy - View

Always delight your customers: The buyer's journey [part 3] - View

Customers are mobile-first: The buyer's journey [part 2] - View

From passerby to customer: The buyer's journey [part 1] - View

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Virtual Try-On - Best Practices

[Webinar] Eyewear Virtual Try-On - 5 things to keep in mind - View

Virtual Try-On: Best practices - View

Virtual Try-On: Core advantages - View

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Eyewear Catalog

Manage and optimize your online glasses catalog - View

Digital Eyewear Catalog: where to find high quality frames photos? - View

Find inspiration for your eyewear catalog - View

The different profiles of glasses wearers - View

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