PD measurement tool online

Fittingbox Metrix

Fittingbox Metrix is a PD measurement tool that assists you in guaranteeing
the frames of your patients will accurately fit their face.

Backed by a step-by-step protocol, this product is user-friendly on top of
providing you with precise measurements.

Discover Fittingbox Metrix, the perfect tool to measure pupillary distance.

PD measurement tool for eyewear professionals


  • Increase your conversion rate (by reducing cart abandonments)

  • Decrease product returns

  • Make the measurement process fast and easy

  • Guarantee pupillary distance accuracy (ensure a 0.5mm accuracy which is the same as leading digital pupillometer instore)

  • Combine our innovative technology with your optical expertise


Key Features

Accurate Measurements

Fittingbox Metrix guarantees precise measurements of intra-pupillary distance thanks to a step-by-step protocol.

From the right positioning of the user to measurements with correction factors (parallax error, unknown focal...), Fittingbox Metrix guides you to ensure exact calculations.


User-friendly Interfaces

Fittingbox Metrix is the essential assistant to deliver a complete service to you and your clients as it features two interfaces:

  • One for patients with a tutorial to accompany them throughout the experience.

  • One for ECPs with a back-office to manage and save patients measurements.


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