PD measurement tool online PD measurement tool online

Fittingbox Metrix
Online Tool for Pupillary Distance

Fittingbox Metrix is an online PD measurement tool that assists you
in guaranteeing the frames of your patients will accurately fit their face.

Backed by a step-by-step protocol, this product is user-friendly on top of
providing you with precise pupillary distance.

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Discover Fittingbox Metrix, the perfect tool to measure pupillary distance.


  • Increase your conversion rate (by reducing cart abandonments)

  • Decrease product returns

  • Make the measurement process fast and easy

  • Guarantee pupillary distance accuracy

  • Combine our innovative technology with your optical expertise

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Key Features

Accurate PD Measurement

Fittingbox Metrix guarantees precise pd measurement online thanks to a step-by-step protocol with its pd ruler.

From the right positioning of the user to measurements with correction factors (parallax error, unknown focal...), Fittingbox Metrix guides you to ensure exact calculations.

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User-friendly Interface

Fittingbox Metrix is the essential assistant to deliver a complete service to you and your clients as it features an easy-to-use interface with a protocol for your patients to follow throughout the experience.

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