Pupillary distance (PD) measurement solution for your website - HTML5 technology

Build confidence with your customers with FitMetrix.

Glasses are a medical device. It's important to reassure your customers with professional measurement tools to increase prescription glasses sales. 

FitMetrix easily allows to measure your online customers’ PD and mono PD. It only requires a camera and a standard card with magnetic stripe.  The customer should use the FitMetrix module and take a selfie with the card placed just below the nose and that’s it!

You will retrieve the pictures of your customers in your personal back-office and you elaborate all the key measures thanks to FitMetrix algorithm.

Download FitMetrix measurement protocol >>

With FitMetrix, increase your conversion rates (less cart abandonments, approx. 50-60% today) and decrease product returns which can be up to 15% of total sales today.

What sets FitMetrix apart?

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    Controlled protocol
    The measurement process is controlled by your team​ via a user friendly interface
  • precision-icon
    ​FitMetrix is as accurate as leading in-store digital pupillometers (±0.5mm)
  • quick-icon
    Immediate results
    Click a couple of points on the picture and get the measurement results in 30sec
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    Easy integration
    Integration into any ecommerce website​ (https required)

FitMetrix Specifications

front office icon
Front office feature

User-friendly interface

  • User guidelines
  • HTML5 technology

Available on desktops only to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement

back office icon
Back office features
  • PD measurement
  • Mono PD measurement
Customization Features
  • CSS customization for texts & bullet list color
  • CSS customization for buttons color
  • Background image
  • Available languages: EN, FR, DE, NL, PT
  • FitMetrix software license
  • Software updates for the duration of the contract
  • Instructions manual
Customer support
Customer Care
  • Onboarding session with our Customer Success team (webinar) or one-to-one session on demand
  • Online and telephone Customer Support
  • Online customer portal for technical support
  • Our solutions are priced to include your software license, post-sales services and features updates for as long as your contract remains active.



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