Shopify app to try-on glasses online

Virtual Try-On App for Shopify

Turnkey solution for glasses e-commerce

Let customers try on glasses with a virtual try-on Shopify app.
Easily digitize your catalog in 3D and get realistic renderings so your customers engage and shop with confidence.

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Ultra-realistic Virtual Try-On designed for eyewear

Bring your customers a real-time lifelike rendering for any eyeglasses and sunglasses when browsing your online catalog.

Benefit from ultra-realistic 3D rendering of both optical glasses and sunglasses, whether it be the lenses or the frame in itself.

Digital frames feel as real as physical glasses and are positioned with accuracy on the user's face thanks to instant face detection and facial tracking.  


Enhance your user experience with Augmented Reality

Increase your conversion rate, sales and reduce returns thanks to an immersive and interactive "try-before-you-buy" experience. View the testimonials.

Improve your brand image and user journey in setting up Fittingbox App in a matter of minutes.


An easy integration on any Shopify Theme

Effortlessly integrate Fittingbox's Virtual Try-On into your Shopify theme. Enhance your store instantly on any device, ensuring a seamless, interactive experience.

Elevate your Shopify platform with cutting-edge technology, enhancing your eyewear retail business.


They already use the Shopify App

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The FittingBox plugin provides an extremely convenient virtual try-on experience for customers shopping for frames on NURILENS. The plugin accounts for details like face shape, head positioning, and lighting conditions to render a realistic preview of how the frames will actually look when worn, which is really impressive. This level of accuracy helps customers better visualize and evaluate potential frame choices. The UX is very easy to follow as well.

Dr. Juliette Nelson CEO, PhD-IOP, MBA


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Pricing plans

Billed annually. Save 17%. 
  • Up to 2 500 Virtual Try-On sessions
  • Up to 100 Active Products
  • Limited 3D Digitization from photos
  • Synchronization with Fittingbox Database
Billed annually. Save 17%. 
  • Up to 5 000 Virtual Try-On sessions
  • Up to 250 Active Products
  • Limited 3D Digitization from photos
  • Synchronization with Fittingbox Database
On demand
On demand
  • Unlimited Virtual Try-On sessions
  • Unlimited Active Products
  • 3D Digitization of frames with basic, standard or premium quality
  • Synchronization with Fittingbox Database
  • Advanced Features with a selection of modules
  • Fully Customizable integration
  • Full Support

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On
Shopify Plugin


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3 steps to easily plug Virtual Try-On in your Shopify Store

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