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From browsing to buying: Actions for
Maximizing Sales on your online store


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Discover the key actions that can lead to doubling your new customers.

Which steps of the online shopping journey to enhance to increase conversions?

What is the impact of a “try-before-you-buy” experience on your online sales?

How to make your own glasses catalog ready-to-use for virtual try-on on your store?

Why don't users buy their glasses online?

Even if they are more likely to buy glasses online, many factors contribute to make shoppers doubt when it comes to take action.

Why? What could retain users to make a purchase online?

  1. A lack of confidence in selecting the right size,
  2. The desire to explore a wide range of styles and colors that fit the user's face
  3. The need to hold and touch the product they are going to buy
  4. The fear of having a poor after-sales experience

So with all that in mind, it is essential to think about your buying journey and optimize it to boost the confidence of online shoppers.

Clear product information, but also actions that engage users, will help. At every stage, you will need to ensure that the user feel reassured and comforted to go ahead with the purchase.


How to maximize sales on my eyewear Shopify store?

For many users, a "try-before-you-buy" experience represents a huge help to choose a new frame, especially online.

Matthieu Montpellier, Head of Customer Success at Fittingbox, will tell you about virtual try-on feature for ecommerce with a focus on Shopify websites. He will answer all the questions you might have, including the following ones:

  • How to measure the impact of a virtual try-on feature on your e-commerce website?
  • What benefits you can expect by adding an online try-on solution for glasses?
  • How to get your own virtual try-on feature to your Shopify store?


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Increase your conversion rate, sales and reduce returns thanks to an immersive
and interactive "try-before-you-buy" experience.