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Case Studies from E-Retailers

Discover testimonials from eyewear e-retailers who chose to integrate a virtual try-on feature on their website.

In these use cases you will get insights about:

  • What challenges led them to opt for virtual try-on technology
  • What results and benefits the Fittingbox solution brought

How Fielmann measures the ROI of its virtual try-on tool

To measure the benefits from a virtual try-on feature, Fielmann initiated an A/B testing on 5 million visited pages. Stefan WOLK, Director E-Commerce at Fielmann tell us the impact on engagement rate and conversion rate.

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Lobster virtual try-on for glasses

Lobster adds an helpful feature to choose the perfect frame

Ivan ODAIR, Head of Technology at Project Lobster, gives his thoughts about the virtual try-on technology in eyewear industry. He relates how it helped Project Lobster to bridge the gap between in-store and online.

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GreyHounders provides virtual try-on for glasses

How GreyHounders made the eyewear purchase easier

With the goal of positioning itself as a strong digital eyewear retailer, and stand out from competition, GreyHounders has opted for Fittingbox virtual fitting technology.

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Le Petit Lunetier integrates virtual try-on for eyewear

When Le Petit Lunetier adds fun into glasses purchase

Since Le Petit Lunetier embedded a virtual try-on on its website, eyewear shoppers can experience an attractive and fun buying journey. Learn more about all that in CEO, Elie Attias's testimonial.

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Gunnar Optiks and the virtual try-on for glasses

Virtually try on blue light glasses on Gunnar's website

By using a Virtual Try-On solution, Gunnar Optiks enhanced its website traffic.
Check the full case study out and discover the stunning results the brand got thanks to augmented reality.

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Try before you buy glasses online on eyerim

How Eyerim has risen its sales with an Virtual Try-On tool

Facts & numbers from one of the top European Eyewear e-commerce website since the setup  of our digital solution for glasses.

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