Virtual try-on on a storefront window of an optical store Virtual try-on on a storefront window of an optical store

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On

For Storefront Window

Catch the eye of passersby to drive traffic to your store !

Our virtual try-on can be used as an interactive kiosk to allow
passersby to virtually try on 3D glasses from outside your store.

Discover Fittingbox Virtual Try-On for Storefront Window,
your traffic driving tool.


  • Interact with passersby

  • Boost your differentiation

  • Suggest products before customers enter your shop

  • Increase your engagement rate

  • Improve your brand image & customer experience

  • Reduce marketing investment while improving its impact

  • Grab attention on your new products and promotion offers

Key Features


Automatic Face Detection

When a passerby faces your storefront window,
our technology automatically detects them
and virtually put glasses on their face.



Remote Control

Passersby can freely browse your selection of frames and take control of the virtual try-on by scanning the QR code.

They can choose to enter your store, screenshot their virtual try-on to save it for later or send it to family and friends. 


Easy Management

You can easily manage your selection of frames with 
box, our user-friendly interface.

Create different catalogs to display on your interactive kiosk, decide to showcase or hide prices and choose to add a description to your frames. 


Storefront Window Documentation

Technical Documentation

Here is your hardware recommendation for your interactive kiosk!

Browse our recommendation guides to know what hardware is best for your store based on traffic, location and weather conditions. 

Our Documentation

Database Documentation

Fittingbox Database is the largest database of digital frames in the world!

You can now offer your customers the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don't have to get in stock. 

Our 3D Frame Database


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