Virtual lenses simulator on mobile Virtual lenses simulator on mobile

Lens Simulator
To virtually try on lens colors

Lens Simulator is an add-on that lets patients make the right choice by experiencing lens effects digitally when it's not even possible to do it in real life.
This tool comes in handy as patients can find the perfect lenses both at home and at your location.

Lens Simulator is an add-on that has to be paired with our virtual try-on solutions.

Explore all the options and make the right choice with Lens Simulator.

Key Features



Allow your patients to visualize the difference anti-reflective coating makes before choosing this option.

Try glasses and different lens colors virtually on any device

Photochromic Lenses

Let your clients play with different lens colors to find the ones matching their style.
Watch virtual lenses gradually change color while trying frames online.

A virtual try-on experience in eyewear store

Sunglasses Lens Simulator

Lens Simulator simulates different sunglasses lens colors for the ultimate virtual try-on experience.
Improve the path-to-purchase of sunglasses by offering your customers a way to try on different lens tints.

Experience difference tints of glasses with virtual try-on
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Explore Lens Simulator

Play with different lens effects in a few clicks.

Lens Simulator is part of Fittingbox's Virtual Try-On solutions

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