Find inspiration for your eyewear catalog: focus on influencers and brands to follow

16 September 2019 • 3 min read

The profiles of buyers are extremely diversified, and your offer of optic and solar frames must satisfy the expectations of each of them. To design a relevant catalog, it is fundamental to be at the forefront of the trends that correspond to them.

The buyer's profiles are extremely diversified

There are different types of eyeglass and sunglasses buyers on the Internet. These include: "fashion addicts", "glasses lovers", "informed consumers", "sportsmen", "eco-friendly", "thrifty" or "functional".  

Within each category, there are consumers with different age, gender or purchasing power and habits.
Below are the main wearer profiles who are likely to be or become customers of your e-commerce site.


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THE « fashion addict» 

Fashion style for eywear wearers

These trend finders are young, they follow the latest trends to the letter, or even anticipate them! 
Their glasses, whether eyeglasses or sunglasses are an essential element of their appearance. Regarding their style, they choose products based on aesthetic criteria or  brand's reputation.
These consumers are highly influenced by claw advertising and get excited quickly, often making impulsive purchases. They have no financial constraints to build their look and they like to be an influencer.


The «I wish I could» 

These consumers are often young adults who are very attentive to their looks but who are constrained by limited financial resources. The most important for them is to have a product reflecting the new trends, it must be fashion, durable with a good value for money.

If they cannot afford to buy a luxury brand, they will buy a model that looks like it. Their affection for fashion sometimes leads them to choose a counterfeit or a copy. Their choices are highly influenced by their entourage.


The « Eyewear Lovers»  

Eyewear lovers looking for originalityEyewear lovers are a prime target for your website. Mostly young women, these consumers love glasses and consider them as an essential element of their style, or even a vector of their personality. They choose their optical or sunglasses frames with great care and attention. 

The eyewear lovers know at its fingertips the trends in the sector, going beyond the simple fashion aspect. Her passion for glasses leads her to ultra-specialized niche brands, which offer models that she will be the only one (almost) to wear.


The « educated choosers» 

These buyers, most of whom are mature or even senior, are consumers who want the best products in terms of technical criteria. They want to buy their glasses from a real optician and do not care about fashion/trends. These customers are demanding, interested in innovation (for materials or functionalities), ready to take the time to choose the right frame and do not hesitate to allow a significant budget to it if the perceived quality meets/exceed their expectations. 


The«basic choosers » 

This category of customers is made up of a majority of men over 40 years of age who, concerning eyewear, consume with basic manner. Their priority being simplicity, they don't pay attention to new trends and opt for a pragmatic approach. Their choice is generally fast, oriented towards a model with a good money/value ratio, which is durable and comfortable.


The «replacers»  

Mainly represented by middle-aged men, this category of consumers considers glasses as a necessity. They are not very involved in their purchase. These customers only purchase a new model when they have lost, broken, or worn out their previous equipment. They are for simple replacement and are easy to use. Most of the time, they opt for the same model as the previous one if it suited them.


Adapt your content to your website

To attract Internet users and convince them to buy, you must offer them content worthy of their interest, in terms of information and products.

Competition is fierce in the Internet jungle that's why customers will quickly turn away from your website if they do not immediately find what they are looking for.
As an e-optician, you must stay tuned with the latest trends and eyewear brands. This means you must regularly consult the same magazines and blogs than your customers, following the same influencers and keeping up to date with the latest news from manufacturers (frames and lenses).

To help you in this task, we have listed the best inspiration sources to follow to build a catalog adapted to the main categories of clients you target:

  • eyewear influencers (on Instagram andPinterest),
  • blogs,
  • brands,
  • shops,

Adapt your website content or each buyer profile


For the «fashion addict» and The «I wish I could» 


for the «eyewear lovers» 


for the «educated choosers » 


for the «basic choosers» and the«replacers»  

As mentioned above, these types of customers do not waste time choosing their frames. Most of these consumers do not inform themselves about the products and do not consult blogs or influencers before buying them. Above all, they want speed and functionality. To seduce this category, it will therefore be necessary above all to focus on the fluidity of the buying process and the attractive positioning of your site.


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