How to organize your eyewear catalog according to your customers' profile?

16 September 2019 • 3 min read

Eyewear buyers have diverse typologies:  fashion seekers, eyewear lovers, educated choosers , sports eyewear, eco-friendly, or even thrifty.How to organize your eyewear catalog

To attract these different buyers categories on your website rather than a competitor's, you must provide them with relevant information and product offers that perfectly fit their needs across easy navigation.

Your frames catalog must, therefore, be built around the many types of customers, using a tag approach that will allow them to find the content matching to their profile in a few clicks.

We have decrypted for you: the main types of eyewear consumers, the most appealing topics they search, and the most relevant keywords for a smooth and seamless shopping experience.


The « fashion seekers »

Fans of new trends, they know them perfectly and track them to the letter when they don't anticipate them.

Very attentive to their look in the eyes of others, they are inspired by people through social networks. Fashion seekers carefully choose their clothes and accessories, paying particular attention to brands, materials, and product design.

  • The information that interest them: glasses photo published by VIPs (stars, influencers...) on Instagram, the latest mode brands news, information on the materials used to make frames, the advantages of lenses, the eyewear brands universe, and previews.  

  • The products that entice them: eyeglasses or sunglasses from the most popular brands.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: the brand names (example: "Balanciaga", "Ray-Ban", "Dior", "Chanel", "Cazal"...), "celebrities glasses", the names of the frame materials ("wooden glasses", "metal glasses", "acetate glasses"), the colors of the models (" flake glasses ", " red glasses "...)
  • An inspiring website: Ray-Ban 

The famous Ray Ban brand's website


The « eyewear lovers »

For this category of wearers, eyewear is a real passion. They wear them all day long. More than just a fashion accessory or a way to correct their vision, eyewear must reflect their style and convey their personality. That target group is mainly composed of young women who are addicted to shopping but who do not want to wear the same frames as everyone else. When they buy glasses, they are particularly attentive to the shape, the material and the "history" (brand universe, designer's inspiration, etc.). 

  • The information that interest them: the latest fashion influencers trends, the latest news from small and underground designers, and, the facial styling (what frame shape and for what face?).

  • The products that entice them: designer frames and/or atypical designs, models with a vintage look, original glasses seen in movies.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: "designer glasses", "original glasses", words detailing the shapes of the models ("round frames", "square frames", "pantograph frames", "oversized frames"), words referring to face shapes ("round face glasses", "square face glasses", "elongated face glasses").
  • An inspiring website: Optica

Optica is a design frames specialist


The « educated choosers »

These buyers are particularly wise and are looking for state-of-the-art glasses, whether for frames or lenses. They are interested in the latest materials (which combine lightness and strength such as titanium) and lenses with the latest geometry and treatments. They want to correct their vision but also improve their comfort and visual ability.

  • The information that interest them: news about frame materials and design processes, the manufacturing location, the advantages of different lenses, smart glasses (such as connected glasses).

  • The products that entice them: solid and lightweight frames with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes (such as 3D printing), anti-reflective and blue-light lenses, products made in France or made in Japan.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: "glasses made in ...", "titanium glasses", "light glasses", "technical frames", "anti-blue light lenses", "anti-reflective lenses", the names of the lens materials ("polycarbonate", "mineral lenses"...).
  • An inspiring website: Ihuman

Ihuman is specialized in state-of-the-art optical technology


The « sports eyewear »

Addicted to sport and leisure, these customers want eyeglasses or sunglasses that can be worn during all their activities and that will correct their vision to optimize their performance. These products are an integral part of their outfit, such as the racket for a tennis player.

  • The information that interest them: the glasses worn by top athletes, the advantages of different sun lenses, the weight of the frames.

  • The products that entice them: polarizing sunglasses, sunglasses from major sports brands (Oakley, Vuarnet, Bollé...), lightweight sunglasses, photochromic lenses.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: "light frames", "polarizing sunglasses", words describing related sports products ("bicycle glasses", "hiking glasses", "mountain glasses", "sailing glasses", "surfing glasses", "golf glasses"), words from the sunglass categories ("category 3 lenses", "category 4 lenses", "photochromic lenses").
  • An inspiring website: Oakley

The sports eyewear brand Oakley for performance


The « eco-friendly »

Defined by a high developed ecological fiber, these wearers are looking for glasses that respect the environment. They are particularly interested in products made from recycled or recyclable materials by companies that have adopted an environmental approach with a low carbon impact.

  • The information that interest them: the manufacturing processes and locations for frames and lenses, the brand certifications and labels, the new products that are part of an ecological approach, the articles about the environmental impact of different eyewear materials.

  • The products that entice them: wooden frames and frames made from recycled materials.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: "eco-friendly glasses", "recycled glasses","sustainable eyewear", "certified suppliers", "glasses made in France".
  • An inspiring website: Sea2see

Sea2see for sustainable eyewear


The « Thrifty »

By buying their glasses on the Internet, these consumers want to save both time and money. They aren't receptive to fashion and trends, they only want to correct their eyesight.
Their goal is to have their product as quickly and cheaply as possible.

  • The information that interest them: none, these buyers don't inquire before buying their equipment.

  • The products that entice them: the cheapest and/or easiest to pay for.
  • The most relevant keywords for their profile: "cheap glasses", "cheap lenses", "standard lenses", the different price ranges ("frames under 50 €", "frames under 100 €", "all-inclusive package").
  • An inspiring website: Zenni Optical

Zenni website for a cheap and wide range of eyewear




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