Top 10 glasses by category - Q3 2023

21 November 2023 • 1 min read

Fittingbox is the world leader in Virtual Try-On for eyewear. Amongst our 120+ million Virtual Try-On sessions per year, we class each quarter the top 10 frames in an inclusive ranking. Here is our 3rd top 10 most tried on glasses ranking of 2023!

bLOGBANNER top 10 q3 2023 EN-1

Have a glance at the most tried on eyewear per category. Click below to discover the full ranking by gender and trendiest brands in Q3 2023.



Top Women

Prada - 0PR 17WTop 1 Femme Prada 0PR 17WS


Top Men

Hawkers - ETERNITYTop mens frame q3 2023 685751 Hawkers


Top Unisex

Look Optic - COSMOTop 1 Femme Prada 0PR 17WS


Top 10 of the most popular frames for Virtual Try-On in Q3 2023 

In our quarterly inclusive ranking, you will find frames of all colors, shapes and brands, dedicated to women, men and both! The frames are ranked according to the number of virtual fittings worldwide (out of a total of 33M) from August to October 2023. 

RS top 10 q3 2023 femme

RS top 10 q3 2023 homme

top 10 Q2 2023 - unisex - 5 visible


Discover and try on, in real time, the top 10 of each category by filling in the form below.



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