Try on virtually Police sunglasses with Augmented Reality

De Rigo opts for Virtual Try-On

While Eyewear used to be purchased almost exclusively in-store, eyewear professionals are now adapting their online customer experience.

Here is the feedback of Alessandro Rigato (Digital Specialist of the De Rigo group) after the implementation of our advanced virtual try-on tool.

De Rigo generate engagement with virtual try-on

Develop your online visibility

"More and more of our end consumers are searching for products online rather than traditional shops [...]"

Offer a smoother buyer experience

"Thanks to the VTO our consumers can try on their favourite eyewear models on our website"

Stand out from the crowd

"[...] the use of the VTO helps to improve and enhance the way to promote and show our products."

How to catch the attention of eyewear wearers and generate engagement when online ?


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About De Rigo

De Rigo is a family with a fascinating history, worth telling and sharing. That is a convergence of experience, reliability, and resourcefulness.

It was founded in 1978 by the brothers Ennio and Walter De Rigo as a small company of artisans working in the area of Belluno. In the following years, De Rigo SpA grew tremendously, becoming a leading Group in the glasses market.
The Group's products are distributed in over 80 countries, through 16 branches with 4 retail divisions and over 100 independent distributors.


About the challenges/problems that influenced De Rigo to look for a solution such as Fittingbox Virtual Try-On

"The Sunglasses and optical frames are usually products that end consumers would rather buy only offline. We were searching for a partner that could improve the visibility of our products online.", says Alexandro RIGATO, Former Digital Specialist at De Rigo.

"Thanks to the VTO (Virtual Try-On) our consumers can try-on their favourite eyewear models on our website and then search for the closest shop with the store locator. Our goal was and still is, try to improve the visibility and awareness of Police brand and products."


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