Swiss Eyewear integrates a virtual try-on tool on its website

Virtual Try-On to build customer trust

A dedicated tool for eyewear that increases customer confidence
when purchasing glasses online.

Check out how Swiss Eyewear Group has renewed its entire
customer experience with virtual try-on

Invu Eyewear launches a virtual try-on feature on its website

Offer a new and reliable experience of try-on

"[...] the quality of virtual try-on is an appealing feature and also that it works well on all devices, especially on mobile."

Reduce the doubts of your customers

"It allows a consumer to get rid of their last doubt before deciding to make a purchase decision."

Keep your visitors interested in your brand

"On top of that the gamified nature of the virtual try on means people stay on our page longer [...]"

How to find an effective and alternative way to try on glasses when online?


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About Swiss Eyewear Group

Swiss Eyewear Group is an eyewear company established in 2013. We specialize in designing, producing and distributing high quality, affordable eyewear globally. This includes our brand INVU, a portfolio of licensed brands, private label services as well as safety eyewear.

In Switzerland, we sell our glasses on a variety of different channels. This includes our online shop,, launched in March 2020. In addition to that, we also sell on various e-commerce stores and marketplaces, as well as at traditional offline stores and opticians.


About the main concern Swiss Eyewear Group was trying to solve with Fittingbox virtual try-on

"I think for eyewear, there is this big question “how do you solve the need of someone to go and actually physically try on a product?” and virtual try-on is a good solution to at least give someone an idea on how the glasses look on their face."

"When it comes to finding the right fit, this is a bit harder. However, we see that the new Fittingbox technology is accurate in getting the fit right. Overall it is clear that the virtual try-on allows a user to actually see what style might suit them, and that is a great USP (unique selling proposition)." tells Bianca CADUFF, former Digital Manager at Swiss Eyewear Group.


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