Find the Perfect AR Solution for Your Optical Store

Explore how the FittingBox product range makes the digital revolution work for you.

Use AR to improve customer experience in your store.

It’s not easy finding the perfect frames when buying new glasses.

Choosing frames can be a stressful experience. Customers can spend up to one hour choosing new frames and still leave the store unsatisfied, and without making a purchase.

There’s an overwhelming amount of choice between:

  • More than 2 000 brands
  • More than 100 000 references
  • More than 400 000 color combinations

Make the experience effortless with FittingBox, and turn it into a fun event with our virtual mirror thanks to AR try-on solutions.

  • 71%

    71% of shoppers would shop at a retailer more often if they offered AR

    Retail Perceptions. 2016. The Impact of AR on retail. 

  • 61%
    of shoppers prefer shopping at stores that offer AR
  • 40%

    of shoppers will pay more for a product they can experience first through AR

FittingBox has intuitive solutions to your challenge. Our Virtual Mirror technology perfectly integrates AR into your business and helps you make choosing the next set of frames effortless and engaging for your customer! Stand out from the crowd with a digitized store.

Wondering how to improve your in-store customer experience? Listen to your clients!

Studies conducted by FittingBox in 2016 show that:
  • 100%
    of consumers said they would recommend using the virtual mirror technology to their relatives

    Study: 691 people surveyed by FittingBox in a Mexican eye clinic.
  • 94%
    of users consider virtual try on as useful in their buying process
  • 99%
    of users say the virtual try-on experience was very realistic
With FittingBox there's no need to buy extra stock: offer your customer a large choice of virtual frames they can choose from.
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