OWIZ Street

Interactive Storefront Technology.

Entice passersby in-store with OWIZ Street.

OWIZ Street is an interactive storefront window allowing passersby to virtually try on frames in 3D, from outside your store.

Grab the attention of passersby and attract foot traffic into your store by showcasing selected brands in an original way. Advertise your offers 24/7 and provide an immersive experience shoppers remember.

OWIZ Street unique digital display solution helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

What sets OWIZ Street apart?

  • Stats
    55% of try-ons happen outside of business hours and there are 250 try-on sessions per month on average.
  • Immersive shopping-1
    Immersive Shopping
    Provide a memorable experience that 93% of users find innovative & fun.
  • Team
    Improve your marketing ROI by spotlighting products and advertising promotional offers to passersby.
  • Software
    User Experience
    Shoppers virtually try on frames and share their experience via social media.

OWIZ Street Specifications

virtual try-on
Virtual Try-on Technology
  • Ultra-realistic virtual try-on technology for frames
  • Automatic face detection
  • Automatic frame positioning on user’s face
  • Real-time face tracking
  • Choice of two graphic interfaces
  • Customized interface (in option - conditional offer)
  • Local catalog management
  • Available in 7 languages: FR, EN, DE, ES, IT, NL, PT
Technical Features
  • Automatic mode available that switches frames on a timer
  • Display of promotional coupons
Social Sharing-1
Social Sharing
  • Let users control the experience with their smartphone: they can switch frames themselves, take a selfie and share it via email
  • OWIZ Player: FittingBox computer
  • HD camera
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Direct delivery to your offices or store
  • Customer Support
  • 36-month hardware warranty
  • Software licence
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