Leveraging augmented reality, showcase anti reflections, thinned, photochromic, and sun lenses. 

For the 1st time, your customers will be able to visualize the various lens aesthetics on their face thanks of the OWIZ applications.

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All you need to do is to subscribe and FittingBox will automatically activate the Lens Simulator in your OWIZ solution!

Increase the shopping cart with high value-added lenses! 

Demonstrate visually custom-made lenses benefits thanks to virtual try-on and OWIZ Lens Simulator.

OWIZ Lens Simulator add-on requires to subscribe to OWIZ App or OWIZ Mirror.

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OWIZ Solutions compatible with the Lens Simulator add-on

OWIZ App for iPad Pro

Offer virtual try-on -frames in stock or out of stock- with the Virtual Mirror application.

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OWIZ Mirror

With a 24” screen, this large format touchscreen mirror helps your patients choose frames that perfectly fit them directly from your catalog.

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