Draw In Patients Like Never Before

With Storefront Virtual Try-On

OWIZ Street

The Interactive Storefront Window
for Optometrist & Optician

Your storefront window has only few seconds to grab the patient attention and get him into your optical dispensary. Increase your practice’s visual appeal thanks to OWIZ Street!

Enhance your storefront

  • Attract passers-by attention
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Create buzz
Reinvent your waiting room!

  • Promote your frames
  • Inform your patient
  • Retain them

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Engage patients & shoppers

before they even set foot inside your optical dispensary!

of people are interested in interactive storefront window

With its extra bright screen, OWIZ Street immediately grabs the attention of passers-by in the street, turning your storefront window into an incredible augmented reality virtual mirror. Your frames selection appear on passers-by faces just by magic, from outside your store.

The best of virtual try-on technology in augmented reality
Smartphone remote control from outside your store
Digital signage to display your own multimedia content (Available from Q1 2017)
24h/24 access to the world’s largest database of digital frames to select the models you want to display in your interactive storefront window
Multiple locations? Move your OWIZ Street in your different locations according to your animations!