Virtual try-on: the importance of true-to-life rendering

16 March 2023 • 2 min read

More and more eyewear companies have adopted the "try-before-you-buy" approach when it comes to improving their customers' path to purchase. Virtual try-on is no longer a "nice to have" but has become a "must have" in a society where buying online has become the norm.

Adding virtual try-on to an ecommerce website is great; adding a realistic virtual try-on is better.

Try on glasses online virtually

Needless to say how important it is to provide a solution accurately displaying all the details that makes a frame unique. With virtual try-on, customers can see how glasses or sunglasses will look on their face without having to physically try them on. This can be especially helpful for people who have difficulty finding glasses that suit their face properly. Not only are the frames highlighted but it also allows users to buy their next pair with confidence because "what they see is what they get".


Digitalisation de lunettes en fichier 3D

Digitize your latest collections in 3D to get an ultra-realistic rendering.


A lifelike eyewear virtual try-on in a single click

Fittingbox's main focus has always been to design digital frames that provide the same feel as real glasses. We continuously strive to enhance the 3D rendering of optical glasses and sunglasses, including lenses and frames.

We've recently made advancements in 3D rendering that replicates the reflection of light in lenses. This innovative technology enables the rendering of gradient effects of lenses, coatings, iridescence, and other effects that provide an incredibly lifelike representation.





Thanks to this new level of quality, you can now provide your customers with an ultra-realistic experience. The rendering of transparent materials in frames and lenses, specifically crystal frames, is emphasized.

This latest enhancement, which uses advanced rendering techniques to create a truly lifelike representation of crystal glasses, allows users to appreciate every intricate detail and the iconic translucent material of these stunning pieces.



Let your customers and patients experience the beauty of signature glasses in a whole new way: ultra-realistic virtual try-on!



This 3D rendering is exceptionally true to life thanks to an in-house software designed to process textures and various materials on a single frame. The software achieves the goal of mimicking the frame's appearance in the real world as closely as possible.


With these latest improvements of Fittingbox's digital frames, your customers can enjoy an ultra-realistic experience during their virtual try-on and find the perfect pair to purchase. 



Get glimpses of what's behind this innovation: The challenge of lighting in virtual try-on


About Fittingbox


Based in France (Toulouse) and in the USA (Miami), Fittingbox has established itself as the world leader in virtual fitting and eyewear digitization. Fittingbox, the leader in Augmented Reality (AR) in Eyewear and frame digitization in 3D, develops cutting-edge optical solutions based on machine learning, computer vision, and now Diminished Reality (DR).

Quietly behind the scenes as the technology for the largest optical and luxury groups worldwide, Fittingbox was the first to launch the “virtual mirror” allowing consumers to try glasses on via a desktop or mobile device, in real time, thanks to augmented reality. The company generates more than 125 million virtual try-ons per year and represents the largest database of 3D frames in the world, with over 140,000 pairs and more than 4,000 corporate customers.


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