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Model Studio

Model Studio is a contextual photo production, allowing you to put virtually any frame on the face of any model, in any position.
The ultra-realistic renderings are perfectly like any “real life” photoshoot, and we can adapt many different frames for the same lifestyle photos.

Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, retailers, e-retailers and brands.

Discover Fittingbox Model studio, the tool providing high-quality eyewear visuals in a blink of an eye!


Rendering Process


You take care of shooting your models without any frames on


You pick the frames and you can see pre-renderings thanks to our dedicated interface


You get all the renderings you need quickly and easily


  • Save shooting & post-production costs

  • Offer ultra-realistic contextual photos of your collections

  • Keep up with frequent collection renewals

  • Scale your photoshoots with a lot more models: showcase more diversity

  • Save time

  • Re-use your model photos as many times as necessary


Key Features

Easy Management

Access Model Studio back-office, a user-friendly and handy interface: manage your frames collections and your model photos.
Visualize pre-rendering pictures, select the ones you like and order them in a one click.

Digital Frames sunglasses


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