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AUGLIO vs. Fittingbox

The best Auglio alternative

for an ultra realistic Virtual Try-On

Offer eyewear shoppers the most realistic experience of glasses virtual try-on.
Save time by leveraging the largest database of digitized frames including
famous brands and private labels.

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  • Trusted
    4,000+ active companies using Fittingbox all around the world
  • Ready-to-use
    195k+ frames already digitized
    in 3D to use in virtual try-on
  • Customizable
    Fully customizable with many
    features to fit your needs

Why Fittingbox is the best choice for your brand

Browser based
Multi device
CMS compatibility
Core Features
Live try-on
Photo try-on
Instant face detection
Facial tracking
Size guarantee
User-friendly protocol
No card needed
Level of Realism
Accurate positioning ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
Realistic frame rendering ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆
Realistic temples rendering ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆
Realistic lenses rendering ★★★★★ ★★☆☆☆
Complex and translucent materials ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆
Additional Features
Digitized frames library
3D assets ready-to-use
PD measurement
Frame carousel selector
Lens tints selector
Social Media Filters
Glasses remover
GDPR compliant
Multi language
Ongoing maintenance

Realistic Rendering of Virtual Try-On

Fittingbox and Auglio virtual try-ons offer an immersive online shopping experience. Although both embark a live technology, Fittingbox stands out when it comes to rendering.
Backed by 16 international patents, Fittingbox delivers more accurate glasses 3D modeling of frames, lenses and even temples, even for complex materials such as crystal frames.


Engaging and Custom Features

Both virtual fitting tools give users the opportunity to virtually try on eyewear in real-time, including instant face detection and face tracking while ensuring a true size of the frames.

To go further, Fittingbox offers additional modules such Frame Removal, the unique glasses remover to solve blurry vision. It can also embed a lens tints simulator or a pupillary distance measurement tool.

Realistic virtual try-on for glasses Fittingbox vs Auglio

Seamless Integration

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On and Auglio Virtual Try-On share a remarkable similarity in their integration capabilities. Both solutions are browser-based, utilizing HTML5 for a smooth and custom user experience.

Moreover, they both have dedicated Shopify plugins for virtual try-on available on the Shopify App Store, simplifying the integration process for online retailers.

On the top of that, Fittingbox comes with the world's largest 3D frame database. More than 155,000 digitized assets are ready-to-use for a virtual experience.


Device and CMS Compatibility

Regardless of the device or platform, these virtual try-on tools offer seamless functionality, adapting effortlessly to any devices.

Their compatibility with CMS and major e-commerce platforms further underscores their flexibility, ensuring a hassle-free integration experience for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement.

Fittingbox virtual try-on on Peepers glasses catalog

The key benefits of Fittingbox try-on software

Ultra-Realistic and Live Try-On

Let customers enjoy a real-time fitting experience with instant face detection and face tracking. Users can see glasses on under 400 milliseconds.

With no need to record or scan your face, Fittingbox's technology is a true digital mirror with realistic rendering.

Accurate Sizing and Positioning

Moreover an automatic facial tracking, Fittingbox virtual try-on includes a size guarantee feature that ensures an accurate fit on user's face.

Give your customers confidence in their choice of new eyewear with precise frame positioning and true size.

A Seamless Shopping Experience

Build a seamless shopping journey, from browsing to purchasing, where customers can discover your eyewear catalog with ease.

Design your own and 100% customizable user experience with numerous features (carousel, color selector, lens selector...).

A unique experience to try glasses on

Besides a realistic and live try-on, go further with Frame Removal, a disruptive and never-see-before experience.

Frame Removal is a game-changer as customers can say goodbye to blurry vision when trying new glasses on.
This tool digitally erases glasses from users' face and replaces it by 3D digital frames.

Let your customers see clearly and choose confidently their new pair of glasses with Frame Removal.

Discover Frame Removal
Gunnar offers virtual try-on by using Fittingbox's solution

It is the next best thing to physically trying on a pair of glasses. I would absolutely recommend Fittingbox because it has positively impacted our business.

RJ Snyder tells Fittingbox virtual try-on
RJ Snyder Marketing Director at Gunnar Optiks
Glasses virtual try-on on Eyerim

Since we increased the number of models offering virtual try-on functionality
the uplift of conversion rate is stable around 90%.

Branislav Ramsak tells about Fittingbox
Branislav Ramsak Eyerim Co-Founder

After virtually trying on a pair of glasses, we observed that users are twice more likely to book an appointment in one of our shops.

Stefan Wolk gives his feedback on virtual try-on by Fittingbox
Stefan Wolk E-Commerce Director at Fielmann Group
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