FAQ: Eyewear Virtual Try-On

Everything you need to know about Fittingbox, our Virtual Try-on solutions and the Augmented Reality (AR) technology behind it.

Fittingbox - Frequently Asked Questions on Eyewear Virtual Try-On (FAQ)


Among all the different eyewear Virtual Try-On technologies available, where does Fittingbox fit?


Fittingbox provides a live Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology to more than 4,000 clients worldwide and 5 million users each month. Backed by 16 international patents, our technology includes instant face detection and ultra-realistic 3D glasses rendering while remaining easy to use and compatible with all platforms.

We are creating the world’s largest database of 3D eyewear frames throughout our 15 years of experience and have been referenced by Gartner, the world's leading research company, two years in a row (2019 & 2020).


What is the different between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)?


Virtual Reality (VR) makes the user dive into a world that is 100% virtual and requires the use of a special equipment (vr headset), while Augmented Reality (AR) is based on a real environment but adds some virtual 3D elements to it.


What is the Diminished Reality?


Diminished Reality is the opposite of Augmented Reality: instead of adding virtual elements to the real world, Diminished Reality virtually removes some elements of a real-life environment.


How does the Fittingbox eyewear Virtual Try-On solution work?


To create virtual try-on for a frame, we follow two steps:

  • First, we create data by digitizing the glasses frame thanks to our patented photo studio. We have the world's largest database of 3D eyewear frames: more than 135,000.

  • Second, we provide our customers with the use of this data, thanks to our proprietary VTO engine, enabling virtual try-on through licensing.

Our technology is an API (application programming interface), so customers can integrate it easily into their websites, and fully customize the customer experience.

We also offer plug & play VTO solutions, so customers can use it in-store & online without any integration.


Can I integrate your Virtual Try-On solution into my ecommerce website ?


The integration of our technology on an E-commerce site (compatible with all platforms, including Shopify,  Magento, Drupal, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and except WIX) is done through an API.

Technical Guides can be found on our Documention library.

Our help desk is available for any question or required support.


Are the eyewear frames digitized for the Virtual Try-On available on different sizes?


Along with an ultra-realistic virtual try-on, we provide our customers with a “Size Guarantee” feature which allows users to try glasses on with assurance that the size of the frame is accurate on their face. It empowers them to check out if the eyewear pair fits or if it is too big or to small.


Where can I find eyewear frames to embed in the Virtual Try-On solutions?


We have a frame database, daily updated, with nearly 135,000 references of more than 500 brands, ready for virtual try-on. If you have your own collection, we can digitalize it in one of our two photo and 3D studios (France or USA).


Can the Fittingbox eyewear Virtual Try-On technology be used with other accessories (jewelery, watches, clothes ...)?


Fittingbox solutions are exclusively developed for eyewear professionals and cannot be used for other accessories than eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Is it possible to use the Vitual Try-On technology on Social media?


Yes. Even if at this time social media (such as Facebook or Instagram) disallow access to the front camera for a virtual live try-on experience, the photo try-on is possible by uploading your own picture on these platforms.

Even better, we create ultra-realistic social media filters to virtually try on your latest collections on Instagram & Facebook, Snapchat and Tiktok. Check out our social media filters production


Is the Virtual Try-On solution going to slow down my website?


Not at all, our online virtual try-on solutions are optimized for an online use. Our technology is made for improving the customer experience without slowing it down.


What potential ROI can I expect after integrating the eyewear Virtual Try-On solution into my business (in-store, online, ecommerce)?


You can see by yourself by downloading all our case studies available for free.

From local ECPs, to top eyewear brands, manufacturers and also pure players, our Virtual Try-On solutions positively impact sales, CTR (Click through Rate), session duration, foot traffic...


Is it difficult to integrate the Virtual Try-On into my website? Do I need a developer to implement it?


Our virtual try-on technology is simple to integrate into any platform (except WIX). However, working with a developer may be recommended in order to achieve a custom integration matching with a tailored user experience.

In addition to our Customer Success team, our Technical integration guides are made to help you in this process.


What if my eyewear collection is not available on the Fittingbox database?

If you can't find your frame references in our database, you can send them over to us and our photo studio will digitize them for you.


Where are the virtual try-ons data stored? Is the Fittingbox technology compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?


Fittingbox is compliant with the GDPR. Fittingbox does not collect personal data from end users. All such data is, where appropriate, processed in the device used. When a user loads or takes a photo of their face for the purpose of a try-on, the photo is stored in the browser cache solely for try-on duration.


Is the Fittingox Virtual Try-On technology adapted to all device and platforms (smartphones, tablets, Mac, PC, ...)?


Our VTO technology is compatible with all devices including mobile phones, tablets, PCs. It is also available on Android/IoS and all the browsers with the latest versions (Safari/Edge/Firefox/Chrome).



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