6 Tech You Should Keep An Eye On In 2022: Metaverse, VR & AR

21 February 2022 • 2 min read

Aimed at improving our creativity and thought patterns, annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) meeting opens up minds into the new tech trends such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse, and Deep Tech. The latest refers to cutting-edge technologies based on Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide groundbreaking solutions for different industries (healthcare, fashion, automotive, video games, etc…).

What does this means? It implies that the next wave of innovation and tech tools will probably make a remarkable impact in 2022 and eventually change our habits and shape the way we live.

6 Tech Innovations that will mark 2022

#1 - Unique Sensations in the Metaverse: OWO Game Haptic Vest

Now, this is a highlight. OWO didn’t just show us; it made us feel what it planned to do! The ten-electrode-containing vest is lightweight and can provide us with 30 unique sensations when in the metaverse (a VR space where users can interact with each other) or while playing a video game. Some of its possible sensations include hugs, dramatic gunshots, winds and rain. The user remains in controls of the game and the sensation using its designated app.

OWO Game vest to feel all sensations in gaming

#2 - Connected windshield in Augmented Reality: Panasonic Automotive

Panasonic Automotive unveiled a connected windshield in Augmented Reality for an enhanced driving experience. By integrating a new and patented high-precision eye tracking system that follows the driver's sight, information (speed, trajectories, obstacles...) is projected directly in front of his eyes so they can stay focus on the road. Reinforced by an intelligent navigation system and advanced optics, this cutting-edge technology brings comfort, accuracy, clarity, and safety to the driver during his ride.Safe and smooth driving experience Panasonic AR Windshields

#3 - Greater Visual Reality Experience: HTC Vive Wrist Tracker

The HTC Vive wrist tracker made it to CES. The reveal was quite interesting; the external 6DOF tracking device can be used for whole-body tracking in VRchat, professional training settings, and accurate tracking for hidden objects and hand tracking. HTC, in partnership with other companies, is working towards delivering a visual reality experience across different devices to make it easier for businesses and individuals.HTC Vive wrist tracker for a better VR experience

#4 - Diminished Reality for eyeglasses try-on: Fittingbox Frame Removal

Leading eyewear virtual try-on company Fittingbox, revealed Frame Removal a new solution designed to get around a major concern faced by glasses wearers. By using Frame Removal, users can experience different frames while keeping their own prescription glasses on. This innovation works by combining Augmented Reality with Diminished Reality (DR), which digitally removes a physical element thanks to real-time object detection.

Good to know, you can try Frame Removal, the game-changer technology of the eyewear virtual try-on right now!Frame Removal on Ipad

#5 - Augmented Reality contact Lenses for sport: Mojo Lens

Mojo took us on a trip to the field, and we had to wonder a little longer. Although the AR lens sounds like something great and different from every other virtual reality tool, we had to think about the chances of having the athlete on the finish line with their lenses still on! It is great that they’re ready to partner with several fitness brands to see how the Mojo lens can be explored and improved for the future of the sport.Mojo AR lenses to bring virtual reality into sport

#6 - The next generation of AI Glasses: Microsoft collaboration with Qualcomm

Now, this is a very interesting one. Microsoft has decided on a great partnership to create next-generation AR glasses and integrate software platforms. We listened carefully to their talk on designing a new AR chip. This lightweight power efficient glass is said to deliver an immersive experience. Microsoft and Qualcomm's commitment towards this shared goal has revealed the possibility of integrating Microsoft mesh and snapdragon spaces XR development tools.

Microsoft collaborates Qualcomm to design the future of AI glasses

Bringing deep tech into the real world: welcome to a new normal

As technology increasingly enhances our lives, changes our habits, and becomes an even greater part of how we communicate with each other, it’s no surprise that 2022 is probably leading people into something new.

Tech experts community didn’t fail to disclose the most sensational releases about virtual reality, augmented reality, and diminished reality, bringing deep tech into the real world. Despite the risk that may be involved, a good number of XR (extended reality) communities are willing to push hard technology to a different level.

Altogether, several exciting tools will be coming later in the year and introduce countries into a new reality that is virtual, augmented, and diminished, and we are excited to be a part of this new normal. 

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