Fittingbox's 2023 Wrapped

30 December 2023 • 1 min read

We hope that you got numerous opportunities in 2023 and that you successfully navigated all the challenges that crossed your path. As we swiftly approach 2024, we'd like to reflect on 2023's main achievements:

Let's take a look at Fittingbox's 2023 highlights!

Together, we unlocked a new record:

  •     143 Million Virtual Try-Ons in 2023
  •     +14% compared to 2022
  •     4.3 try-ons per second performed online everywhere in the world
  •     More than 195k 3D glasses in Fittingbox database

2023's latest product release: Fittingbox PD Measurement

Released a few months ago, PD Measurement is our latest solution designed to provide an online PD measurement tool that assists you in guaranteeing the frames of your online shoppers match their correction perfectly.

Backed by a step-by-step protocol, this online solution is user-friendly on top of providing you with precise pupillary distance, directly on your ecommerce website.


Breaking news of the year: Fittingbox acquires main competitor Ditto, Luna's Virtual Try-On Business

2023 has been a busy year for Fittingbox with a lot of things going on behind the scenes, one of them being the acquisition of Luna's virtual try-on business: Ditto. 


This acquisition strenghtens the position of Fittingbox as the leading provider of virtual try-on and now offers you an expanded ecosystem including:

  • A technology backed by 25 international patents
  • Upcoming additional features
  • A combined experience with both recorded and live virtual try-on


As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. Thanks for a great year, we appreciate working with you and hope that the holidays and the coming year will bring you happiness and success.

Fittingbox Team


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