Eyewear shopping more accessible online with the virtual try-on

A helpful solution to buy glasses
Testimonial from Project Lobster

Eyewear shoppers may have difficulties to go to the store and try on
their next frames.

By adding a virtual try-on for glasses to its website, Project Lobster
solves time concerns
and makes the eyewear shopping experience
and more accessible.

Lobster offers customers to try on eyeglasses online

Solving the concerns of eyewear wearers

"So, we thought virtual try-on would help solving the cons of all those situations."

Prefering a real-time fitting experience 

"I chose Fittingbox over Ditto because of the real time versus photo try-on. I preferred your live try-on concept."

Meeting the online shoppers' needs

"We have seen an increase of people using it, and it is way better than we anticipated."

How to make the eyewear shopping experience easier and more accessible?


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About Project Lobster

At Project Lobster, since 2018 in Barcelona, we create fashion eyewear in an fair way, embracing transparency and making everything easy for customers. We are dedicated to offering handmade glasses made with materials ready to be recycled and reconverted.

We believe that we are paving a new way of selling glasses and sunglasses through physical stores and virtual experience. We believe the eyewear industry should be more digital in the next following years and we are trying to have it right now just with the only objective of adding and delivering as much value to our customers as possible.

Besides our online shop, we have 5 physical stores: 3 in Barcelona, 1 in Madrid and 1 in Valencia.


About the problems Project Losbter was trying to solve when getting a glasses virtual try-on

"This happened during the pandemic in 2020 when we had to close our stores. We thought “hey, right now a virtual solution would be great” because people would still have something to try out glasses.", explains Ivan ODAIR, Head of Technology at Project Lobster.

"Now, the situation has improved, but during that time, some people only had 30 minutes to have a clear idea of which frames they wanted. So, we thought virtual try-on would help solving the cons of all those situations."


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