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A virtual try-on for glasses on a storefront window in Brazil

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"[...] one of the most appealing feature is the product catalog. My customers can live try on different glasses and interact with the technology."

A strong advantage over the competition

"[...] the inclusion of technology brings a real competitive advantage in the sales process."

Add value to your frame catalog

"In my case, technology helps selling glasses with higher added value, people are very surprised by the storefront window display."

How to bring added value to the customers when shopping glasses instore?


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About Otica Quality

Otica Quality is an eyewear store based in Manaus (Brazil). It is located in a shopping mall with high standard clients (higher household's gross monthly income), and the customers are looking for a more technical solution to their optical problems. 

Due to the level of sophistication of some of their glasses in catalog, Otica Quality focus on bringing a more technical guidance to their customers.


About what Otica Quality was interested in Fittingbox technology for eyewear

"In my opinion the future of the optical segment is online and I already wanted to start projecting myself in this direction." explains Alfredo FILHO, Store Manager at Otica Quality.

"I was looking for a service reference, something that could innovate/change the way we sell glasses."

"In my case, technology helps selling glasses with higher added value, people are very surprised by the digital storefront window in the shop." tells Alfredo FILHO. 


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