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Case studies from Store Owners

Discover how eyewear stores can optimize their sales with virtual try-on through our customer testimonials.

In these use cases you will get insights about:

  • What concerns eyewear stores are trying to solve with virtual fitting
  • What is the impact of virtual try-on on eyewear sales when in-store
Fielmann made an A/B testing to measure the impact of the virtual try-on

How Fielmann measures the ROI of its virtual try-on tool

To measure the benefits from a virtual try-on feature, Fielmann initiated an A/B testing on 5 million visited pages. Stefan WOLK, Director E-Commerce at Fielmann tell us the impact on engagement rate and conversion rate.

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KRASS offer customers a way to try glasses online

How KRASS answers the need of trying-before-you-buy

With the virtual try-on, KRASS Optik makes the purchase journey better and brings joy to eyewear shoppers. Helping by AR technology the brand offers its customers an immersive way to experience glasses online.

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A storefront window to try glasses virtually

Grab attention from passersby with a virtual mirror for glasses

Iris Optique seizes the opportunity to entice even more passersby into its store thanks to the implementation of a large Virtual Try-On screen into its storefront window.

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Eyewear Virtual Try-On for retailer in Brazil

A digital storefront window to drive in-store traffic

Alfredo FILHO (Store manager at Otica Quality, Manaus, Brazil) gives his feedback after the implementation of the Virtual Try-On solution, OWIZ Street.

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Afflelou Group offers a virtual experience to try eyewear frames online

How Afflelou has improved the eyewear shopping experience

Thierry Pires, former Web & Digital product Director at Afflelou, tells you everything on the implementation of our advanced virtual try-on solution for website. He also tells what benefits it brings to the French eyewear group. 

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